Sunderland 3 vs Carlisle United 1

Our 2nd pre season friendly in a few days and another 3-1 win. Similar to Saturday, it’s more of a fitness exercise than anything else; well, once again we looked fit and it’s always better to win than to not win.

As well as fitness another key aspect of these games is confidence. I’m always keen to highlight that football is a game of opinions, but writing players off does my head in – I don’t enter into debates on Twitter etc, but…. 2 goals for Charlie will have done him the world of good. Confidence is huge for players, (no more so than strikers), Charlie has scored plenty at this level, he also always gives 100%. Whilst giving 100% should be a basic prerequisite for a footballer – we all know it’s not the case. I’ve said it often enough, but I fucking love Charlie and I’m delighted he got a couple of goals today.

Hair weave taken nicely ✅ scoring boots on ✅

Todays Game…..

Another one behind closed doors, SAFC are only and have to follow guidance, but could the 5 or 6 thousand who would have bothered today not have been allowed to go? Non league grounds with a capacity of 1000 are permitting crowds of 150-200, (mostly with inferior facilities to us I’d  imagine), why can’t we go to the match?

Another ‘empty house’ at the SOL…..
We have 48’500 seats. On Saturday my home down club Harrogate are the opponents. They’d have had 150 or so delighted to make the trip and I guess we’d have mustered 8 or 9 thousand, surely that’s doable?

I paid my £5 to watch the live stream of todays game, I’m sure the club said stuff like this would be free til we were allowed to go to the game again? We aren’t allowed to go to the game so it was another 90 minutes of watching the game online…..

Game On……

‘Beat these division 4 jobbers no bother…..’
As you’d expect, Phil mixed it up a bit, Jake Hackett must have had a shite week in training?’

It’s only pre season, but….

  • fitness looks good
  • Maguire is on it
  •  both main strikers have scored
  • Luke looked great
  • Dan Neil looks a player

Of course it’s the league that counts, but plenty of positives. Cheap headlines are way below SAFCBlog…. but a midfield of Neil, Diamond and Sweet Luke O’Nien has potential?

Ownership of a Rocky Ship…..

Having the best bridge in the world is a positive, but fucking hell…. the waters remain very troubled. Hopefully we are sold/bought ASAP, that cranky fucker with the beard is still hanging around…..

A Pseudo Millionaire with a load of rich mates who loves Twitter, that’s just what we fucking need?
‘Just do one pal’

Onwards and Upwards…..

SAFCBlog has always been built on positivity, we are in division 3 because we deserve to be…..but, we have the players and management to piss this league, 100% – fucking bring it on⚽️

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It’s been utter shite following Sunderland for a while, fear not – this seasons going to be good, really good… I promise

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