SAFC for sale and The return of the SAFCBlog super computer……

Sunderland AFC for sale

Sunderland AFC for sale

Another fantastically catchy title…. pick the bones out of that fucker Google. Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO), seems to be huge in the world of Social Media? It’s all about keywords, not swearing, short catchy titles etc…… Well it is if you base success on numbers? SAFCBlog is unable to give you the opportunity to not win an iPhone or a low interest loan etc. But….. that’s ok, I’ve had some really nice feedback from readers – I’m loving the love. 

Computers are clever, very clever. SAFCBlog doesn’t own a modern day computer – but regular readers will recall last months award winning article(**), where the SAFCBlog Super Computer, predicted how the season would end?

(** not true)

We are owned primarily by Stewart Donald, loads has been written about his tenure at SAFC – with some media platforms suggesting he’s full of shit…. SAFCBlog doesn’t have an opinion on him, as I don’t have the details to formulate an opinion of any veracity. There’s no point saying, I wouldn’t let him feed my cat or put my bins out, or that if he said it was raining I would look out of the window etc – because I don’t have the facts. Thank fuck for the SAFCBlog Super Computer?

The SAFC Blog Super Computer

Sunderland AFC for sale
Computers – very clever
…… very, very clever!


Whilst the SAFCBlog Super Computer is a hugely impressive bit of kit, last time it was all footie data, which I’m fairly well versed in. Due to the complexities of the data involved, SAFCBlog got the experts in this time….

Simplified, we put the following info in….

  • Whats the sale price?
  • Who owns what % of the club?
  • What did everyone pay?

We also typed in this from our owners……

“All’s ok then?”


Whilst computers are clever, you’ve just got to know what you’re doing? 

Once our team of experts have inserted the data the computer will print out a Report, simplifying the ownership of the club and who gets how much etc. This print out will be available for all SAFCBlog readers to peruse. 

Sadly due to the nature of the data involved and the fact that I don’t actually know the numbers involved and crucially the fact that the SAFCBlog Super Computer is out of guarantee – I’m unable to cite that anything in the report is true, accurate, the opinions of SAFCBlog etc – in fact it’s hardly worth sharing the report? But I will – as high end, intelligent journalism is all about freedom of speech as long as no one is implicated of anything they haven’t done etc…..


Computers not my area of expertise, last time the SAFCBlog Super Computer was cranked up, the Report was informative with pictures. Sadly something has gone wrong this time….. fuck knows why? Hardly worth printing as it’s not accurate in any way – but in the interests of journalism  may as well…..




Computers fucked? That makes no sense whatsoever? I’m sure the mainstream press who know the details will report as things develop? Hopefully the Americans are coming? (Surely it’s a done deal?). As luck would have it SAFCBlog has appointed a new USA MASCOT……….

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