SAFCBlog – Unsocial Social Media Club – April…..

SAFC Blog Unsocial Social Media Club April

SAFCBlog – Unsocial Social Media Club April 2020

March 0 Vs April 0

Sunderland AFC unsociial media March
March 2020 – if we’d have played our games, the return would be ‘zero goals scored?’
SAFC Blog Unsocial media April
April 2020 – if we’d have played our games, the return would be ‘zero goals conceded?’

“What’s the point of this Blog?”

Very little. I’ve been writing shite daily for over a year now – at the start of the last 3 months I’ve written this feature….onto April…..

Years of abject misery…….

Like the other 11 months, April is generally miserable as a SAFC fan…,

APRIL 2017

Sunderland 0 Bournemouth 1 – Relegated

APRIL 2018

Sunderland relegated
Sunderland 1 Burton 2 – Relegated

APRIL 2019

Fucked it up

APRIL 2020

Sunderland April fixtures
“At least we’re don’t have to go to Wembley?”

April birthdays…..

Bumper crop this month, a random selection of SAFCBlog favourites who were born in April….

Anyone for tennis?

In the days before tennis became a lesbian dominated sport, and long before the William’s Brothers domination….. Sue Barker Graced the grass of SW1. She was also born in April….

‘New balls please 🎾 🎾’

Sunderland AFC unsocial media – a history of April….

April 1912….. The Titanic sinks. Years later the film got 11 Oscars, mainly due to Winslet getting her Bristols out and in spite of Celine Dion singing

April 1984….. Aged just 44, Marvin Gaye is shot dead by his dad! The news of this soon spread through the grapevine 

April 1986….. Someone presses the wrong button at Reactor #4 at Chernobyl

April 2010……Apple launch the iPad, fucking bonkers. In the days when we were allowed to go on holiday, SAFCBlog likes to spend the summer in Portugal… 2011 I remember being in the fantastic Cafe Panoramica In Boliquieme, and a Portuguese boy being literally mesmerised by the iPad I was lucky enough to have…

SAFC Blog Unsocial Social Media Club April
The best breakfast in Portugal 🇵🇹….. 2 coffees, 2 beers, 2 hotdogs and change from €10

April 1994……. Kurt Cobain takes his own life aged just 27. I’ve seen most of the bands I ever wanted to, sadly I never got to Nirvana……a few months before his passing, there were 2 gigs on in Newcastle on the same night. Nirvana and The Pogues led by Joe Strummer. SAFCBlog went to see Joe, no regrets……


So April is shite then?

Of course it isn’t. We all have our favourite memories of watching SAFC. My favourite was the great escape under Gus, there’s so much more than the 90 minutes…..that season was the most beautiful madness, it mattered not…. night games at Palace, Spurs live on SKY etc, we were there. ’We’ being myself and a pal who used to dress up as a lion – the laughs were just the best….. so April can be fucking mint. 

The fixtures we had in 2014, make it, in my opinion, the greatest escape of all time? All manner of opportunities to watch SAFC on your TV this week….. BUT……you’ll never watch a better 4 minutes than this? 


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