Sunderland Beat Bolton 1-0…..

A wins a Winchester⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️“

Great result yesterday, it’s probably the worst we’ve played this season – but it’s another 3 points in our quest of getting towards what we must achieve Come What May? We possibly deserved 4 points from Fleetwood and Bolton and that’s what we got….. many have said Bolton deserved a point yesterday…..I don’t buy into that, Bolton didn’t score and it was the 5th time in 6 games they have failed to score, so they deserved nowt – we played well at Burton, but missed a hatful of chances, although failure to score makes it a futile argument that we deserved to win ….. no team ever got more than a point for scoring zero goals in a game!

Beautiful day for a trip north, regular readers, (*), will be aware that the SAFCBlog Photographer was dismissed recently – given there’s only 2 of us travelling today, I was reluctantly persuaded to give him another chance, that said I took the precaution of taking some pictures of my own. The feeling in the car was that we are going to give someone a right hiding sometime soon – I was actually expecting a tough game today, before we absolutely demolish Cheltenham on Tuesday night.

“……Isn’t everyone?
When you’re weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I’ll dry them all, I’m on your side, oh when times get tough, and friends can’t be found, Like a Bridge over Troubled wat……..” forget that shite, that was then – this is now, the waters feeling decided calm at present ⚽️

I’m unusually late to write the match report, everyone know we won, will have seen the goal on TV etc, so I’ll keep in short….

  • Lee Johnson has had his hair flashed
  • After years of Man of the Match, being decided by who wasn’t that bad, we now have quality all over the park?
  • Even when we weren’t at our best, we still had 5 or 6 really good performances…..

German Keeper – he must have just been nervous against Wimbledon, because he’s decent

Cirkin – huge upgrade on Denver, gets better every game

Doyle – calm as you like and oozes class, (17?????)

Flanaghan – flawless again

Winchester – I’m surprised and delighted in equal measures, he’s been brilliant every game this season

Stewart – see previous 8 games > fantastic, must surely make the Scotch squad?

So…. The back is good, the front is good, the middle is probably where we need to improve?

O’Nien had a good game, McGeady didn’t, but he’s always capable of producing something, Pritchard should be better than he is, (McGeough?), Embleton never has a shocker, but he does look fucked after 60 minutes, Neil probably the best natural footballer at the club, game of opinions, but I’d rather see Evans ahead of Embleton, which would hopefully free up Neil to use his quality in an attacking role?

Anyway….. great result and a really good team goal, although Winchester’s tap in did have a touch of the Peter Withe vs Bayern in 1982, (one for the younger readers!)

Job done ✅ we go again Tuesday ✅

I have a bit of trek to home games, (my choice), this is offset by the fact I have an 85 mile head start to away games…. A drive home after 3 points on a beautiful evening is an absolute pleasure. I’d assured the kids that I’d be home, showered and ready to depart at 7.20pm, (latest), always going to be a tough ask….only the next 10 days will reveal the truth, but fingers crossed I’ve not added another 3 points to yesterday’s haul?

A win and this sunset – Skidurp 👍 eh Gaz? 🌎
Fucking nailed it…. Home @ 7.13pm✅ > Out, Out @ 7.19pm✅🍺

Picture Imperfecto…..

Received the pics from the Ex Photographer…. Where do we go from here?


2 Sleeps – That’s All…..

See you Tuesday Night, preview tomorrow I’d imagine👍

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