The Beautiful Game….. BUT…. Just a game?

Sunderland Behind Closed doors

The Beautiful Game…. BUT…. Just A Game?

EFL Fixtures Plan

Suspect it won’t happen, but this is today’s EFL proposal for Sunderland to play behind closed doors and complete the season in 56 days. Game of Opinions, but here’s mine…..

Super Rich Footballers……..

I didn’t, (as yet), make it as a footballer…. footballers earn a lot more than I do….in turn I earn more than some other people….. The Emotional Assault on footballers was piss poor. 

Mate of mine is a gardener, another is a nurse….. I know which I’d rather trim my bushes etc….. let’s not lose sight of the fact that people earn more and less than others? The NHS workers are brilliant, (although let’s remember the NHS didn’t start 4 weeks ago?).

In the words of Jimmy Savile BFF, Ester Ranzen….. THAT’S LIFE….

The Pros…….

  • There’s genuinely every chance we will go up?
  • It’s fair? I don’t like Coventry, but if we were 6 points clear at the top I’d be pissed off.
  • Behind closed doors sounds good in theory?
“You born in a fucking barn???”

The Cons……..

  • Resuming footie alludes to normality, we are losing 1000 people a day at present. Why the fuck would thought be given to football?
  • Football is great – but it’s outrageously socially irresponsible to be thinking about the 90 minutes…… Leeds promoted…. can’t imagine there will be anyone out in the streets of Leeds celebrating on a balmy June evening?    SAFC in a play off final behind closed doors……… everyone will just sit at home and watch it? It’s just fucking madness…. football means the world to me, it’s just not the time to be trying to shoehorn the remaining games in?
  • Every article I read has an undercurrent of, the financial implications…’s unprecedented, and it’s a shame for Leeds United etc…. but talk of playing football in 5 weeks is horribly misjudged.
  • The biggest challenge at present is convincing folk to stay home…..alluding to normality doesn’t assist with this?

The Show Must Go On?

Yep, and the right time will come. I’d like to see the EFL have some balls and just void proceedings….. we all love football,; I’d love to be heading to Wimbledon tomorrow, rather than sitting at home watching UK Gold…. but that’s not the deal at present….. 

We all love football, we all love SAFC, we all love the mates we go with, we all love kebabs, sometimes you need to take a break from what you love……… the time will come, it’s just not for a while STAY HOME – STAY SAFE….

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