Sunderland will play Benfica B in the pre-season in Portugal

Sunderland play in Portugal

Prior to playing Beleneses on the 20th July Sunderland will play Benfica B in the pre-season in Portugal.


Estadio de Municipal Albufeira

Thursday 18th July 7.30pm

Benfica are the current champions of Portugal and by far the most decorated club in the country. They are nicknamed ‘The Eagles’ after 70’s boy band ‘The Eagles’, who hailed from Henley, (posh area of London Town not famed for pollution, crime and general discontent)

SAFC to play Benfica B in Portugal pre-season
The Eagles of Benfica
The inspiration ~ 70s pop band, The Eagles. Surprised they even let them “check in” in the first place? Bloody loads of them.

Not sure whether the B team get to use the official team coach ~ but it is the best decorated bus I’ve ever seen.

SAFC to play Benfica B in Portugal pre-season
Like what they’ve done with the windows

Proper fucking bus that!

Benfica, like Sunderland play at the Stadium of Light ~ they renamed it in 1998 after copying us. Prior to 1998, it was known locally as “The Benfica Ground”

SAFC to play Benfica B in Portugal pre-season
‘El Fulwello Endo”

Like all massive clubs they have their own museum

SAFC Fans Museum…. stunning building, fantastic volunteers, a great way to spend a few hours. If you’ve not been yet ~ GO. it’s mint.

Like a lot of overseas clubs, Benfica have a President rather than a Chairman, no idea what the difference is? Benfica’s current Chairman is Luis Filipe Viera

Luis ~ Benfica’s equivalent of our “Selfie King Stuart Donald”, (but with a suit that fits him).

The biggest challengers to Benfica in Portugal are Porto and Sporting Lesbian. Benfica vs Porto is considered the main rivalry in Portuguese football, it’s known as “O’ Classico” ~ not to be confused with the SAFC vs North Yorkshire’s Middlesbrough Town ~ “El Crappico”.

“El Crappico” ~ on the off chance Billy Jones misses it, they’ve still got Jason ‘The Cat’ Steele to get past?????

Bizarrely the teams met in 2016, with SAFC winning a thriller at the Eppleton Colliery Welfare Ground….

Not many of these made it? Asoro doing ok on Fulham bench? Maja doing ok on Bordeaux bench? Stand out name for me is Brady
SAFC to play Benfica B in Portugal pre-season
Kieran Brady. Football genius. Imagine how good he’d have been on a better playing surface?

The city of Lisbon is entrenched in the folklore of scotch football; in 1967 Glasgow Rangers were the first British winners of the European Cup. The whole city of Glasgow celebrated the achievements of the ‘Lisbon Bears’, (I think?).

Anyway should be a good trip… plenty of sun and Sagres, decent bar, which from memory serves decent burgers in a soft white roll ~ non of this ‘shiny yellow brioche’ favoured by hipster types.

Brioche Bread ~ wrong on every level.


Next week… the SAFCBlog 2018/19 awards, kindly sponsored by Mr C. Greenwood of the Cockwell Inn, HG3, (booking not always necessary)

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