Sunderland clinch hard earned win at Rochdale, 20.08.19

The games keep coming thick and fast, our 2nd of three consecutive midweek trips to Lancashire, sees us heading to Rochdale. Early start for SAFCBlog with a 2.50pm meet in Wetherby, for those that aren’t familiar with the town; it’s a lovely place full of posh(ish) types who wish they lived in Harrogate – although the pubs are bizarrely busy on a Tuesday afternoon. Just 1 pint of over priced shite ale in the Black Bull, what a place – makes the bar in a Star Wars look like a good option. The welcome sanity of the New Inn is a comfortable spot till our 5pm pick up to head west.

Steady drive over, (well if you’d consider Lewis Hamilton on a sugar rush as steady?

Top left….. the sun????? Or……A Sonic Boom as we pass through the sound barrier / speed of light?
“left hand lane for 3 points, (on the pitch not licence)
The Knightsbridge of the North West….”

Got a load of pictures, (who’d have thought it eh?), enjoy, ignore, scroll down for serious, cutting edge analysis of the match and “Will Grigg Watch”……..

Pie better than it looked, (although it’s all relative!), not as good as Accrington and same price, (but without peas and gravy).
Game on
Tuesday night? No trains? No problem…. as always a huge following
First team coach John Potter at the back of the stand

Kids, before Blu-Ray, there was DVD, VHS and BETAMAX!! Cutting edge stuff from SAFC
  • 1-0
  • 1-1
  • 2-1
Job done

The important bit…..

SAFCBlog has often said it’s a game of opinions, I try not to read too much SAFC stuff online, (there’s some absolute shite out there, yes I know….). I watch a lot of SAFC games and was surprised that there was a lot of negativity about our performance? These were the key points I took from last night

  • Whilst SAFCBlog tipped Lincoln as this years dark horse, Rochdale were excellent. The number 14, (on loan from Blackburn apparently?), terrorised us at times. Number 8 and 41 also looked like proper players. Rochdale played some lovely stuff… I’m almost embarrassed to have predicted they’d go Down; revised prediction = Top 6
  • I thought we showed a level of intensity and players hunting in packs, that we’ve not seen since the Big Sam days
  • Lots of good performances, but a fit, lean looking McGeady is the best player in this league by a mile
  • All defenders will make the odd mistake…. but the Ozturk & Willis pairing looks great
  • We have best keeper in the league, (probably worth 10-12 points?), just get him tied down to a new contract, he’s obviously happy to be here? He’s definitely good enough to play in the Championship….. just give us 8 months Jon and we’ll be right there.
  • The culture of we should be winning against teams like…… is nonsense. We are a 3rd tier team, thinking we have divine right to win is detrimental on so may levels….. arrogant & disrespectful, unrealistic and crucially ~ when we do perform like last night, the players, staff deserve credit?
  • I’d be really surprised to see Rochdale lose more than 2 or 3 games at Spotland this season
  • There’s no doubt we have the best squad in the league? With the intensity and endeavour of last night, we should, (and I believe will), Win this league

Will Grigg Watch

Anyone daft enough to read this Blog regularly may have picked up I’ve not been thrilled by the contribution of Grigg since his arrival. I will always back anyone in red and white, but will also be critical if I see fit…..

I had all manner of taglines for this picture, (best position he’s been in all season etc……)

BUT……. Last night Will Grigg was brilliant, he chased everything, held up play, showed some great touches, and….. ran his arse off. Fair dos Will, momentum is everything, a goal on Saturday and you can kick on and smash this league.