Sunderland Come Up Short vs Oldham- In Short

It’s obviously my choice to undertake a round trip of a few hundred miles to watch games like this, sometimes I briefly question my sanity? Losing at home is bad, losing at home to a team struggling in the division below is very bad. Anyway, here’s a brief review for anyone with literally nothing better to do than read this shite…..

Not many there….
Can’t be arsed to check, but I don’t think they’ve ever played at the SOL? Will probably explain why they brought a few?

First Half

We could have scored a few if we’d shown a bit more composure, likewise for them, bloody cold and 0-0 at half time

Half Time

Quick detour to Grangetown to fix a boiler and we head south

Second Half

Heated seats 1 vs SOL 0, it didn’t sound much better than the first half? They scored and we didn’t.

Full Time

0-1, Wembley is shite anyway

Dish of the Kris Day

No food was consumed

We go again Saturday ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️

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