Sunderland vs Coventry Preview

Sunderland v Coventry match preview

Sunderland Vs Coventry Preview

Sunderland, (after what seems like an age), return to League 1 action on Saturday when we host the Sky Blues, Coventry are the only team to win a league game at the SOL since Chris Coleman guided us into League 1 obscurity.

Sunderland AFC Vs Coventry match preview
“Just keep it tight at the back lads…..”

It was a bonkers game last year, with the 1st half more akin to a basketball match than a football match! 

The centre half pairing of Flanagan and Baldwin had a horrible day, thankfully the main protagonist, Britt Enobakhare, has moved on.

History between Sunderland and Coventry

The relationship between the clubs is not the best… we all know the Jimmy Hill story, the disorder surrounding both games last year wasn’t good. 

Understandably they have a reduced allocation this time around – I’m never a fan of this, aside from a detrimental effect on the atmosphere – the ones who end up being punished are the fans. As it happens they’ve not sold out, with 300 tickets going to general sale today – so no ones missed out which is good I guess.

Coventry play at Birmingham, whilst Wasps play at the shiny new stadium in Coventry – don’t really know the politics, but what a shame? This also makes their elevated league position even more impressive. 

They are led by Mark Robbins, who whilst paving a decent managerial career, is famous for the goal that kept Fergie in a job? The rest as they say, is history…..

“Goal…….. Fergie survives another week, I can’t see it working for him at Man Utd over the next 22 years???”

SAFC Blog prediction Sunderland vs Coventry

As League 1, (Shit), goes; this is a big game between two big teams. It’s a tough one to call, but SAFC Blog predicts a 2-0 win for SAFC, with Grigg not breaking sweat.

Interesting facts about Coventry!!

Some really interesting stuff about Coventry; none more so than the fact that the famous Italian Job scene with the minis in the sewers of Turin was actually filmed in Coventry – bonkers!

Coventry is also the home to Rover Cars,

Sunderland v Coventry match preview

A haaaaaaaaaaa

Hirsute football pundit Richard Keys hails from Coventry. “That microphone is definitely off is it?”

No Keys? Still possible to smash the back doors in?

Pop supremo Pete Waterman is also from the city

Page 3 stalwart Debee Ashby also hails from the town

In the days before snowflakes, PC brigade, dogooders etc …. we had stunners like Debee who weren’t afraid to express themselves – good on you sweetheart, you look lovely.


Shocker last year, some proper shite defending……
Sunday league

Match report online Saturday night.



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