Sunderland Slump to defeat at lincoln…

SAFCBlog is built on positivity, I was sure we’d win today….. well, we lost; we were out fought, out thought & outplayed. No point pretending otherwise, there was very little positive about today’s game against Lincoln. Whilst it’s tempting to just get pissed and forget about the performance, SAFCBlog is better than that and will endeavour to find something positive from the day, (hopefully).


The A1 is widely regarded as a poor mans M62?

Sunderland Slump To Defeat At Lincoln
A1 – shit views
Todays Journey South, really was to turn out to be Desperado!

The highlight of a trip on the A1 is the opportunity to go back in time and stop at the fantastic Ferrybridge Services. Whilst many will think of motorway services as a Mecca of overpriced food and drink, generic food chains and the opportunity to buy a phone case as you enter/exit the toilets?? No such issues at this facility……

Cafe on the A1 on the way to Lincoln
Proper cafe? ….
“A moccochino, and an extra shot vanilla latte please barista…..
look knobhead…. we do tea and coffee”
I live in a Wan
I suppose if you’re going to live in a van, it’s prudent to attach a tv aerial to your wing mirror?
Over 40’s? So many more questions than answers?

The rest of the journey was pretty straight forward…..

Sunderland fans on the way to Lincoln
As always, plenty of red and white en route…..
The old stand from Lincoln racecourse
Bonkers – the road into town is the old final straight of the disused Lincoln Racecourse….
Sunderland heading into Lincoln
Treemendous topiary

After arriving and paying £4 to park in a field, (just make it £5?)….


Short on time and can’t be arsed to walk into town, so take advantage of the fanzone and have a few pints, to be fair it’s ok and another great example of a club maximising revenue, (like Fleetwood and Accrington).

Sunderland Slump To Defeat At Lincoln - fan zone at Lincoln
Beer – a great drink
Sunderrland v Lincoln a big church
The whole church / religion concept isn’t my bag, (all a bit far fetched – it’s a nice idea/concept, but so is the tooth fairy?)…. but that’s an impressive church?
High hopes pre match Sunderland Slump To Defeat At Lincoln
Into the ground and spirits are high….. beat these today no problem??

The more astute readers may have noticed I’m avoiding the small matter of the match……..




They miss a penalty and have another definite penalty not given.

Let’s be honest – we were absolutely shite?

Sunderland Slump To Defeat At Lincoln
Desperate on the pitch
Superb off the pitch.
Sold out away end as always

Sunderland Slump To Defeat At Lincoln
“Game over……
…….let’s go and drive round Lincoln’s one-way system for half an hour or so.”

Shite result, SAFCBlog not in a rush to go back to Lincoln, (FA Cup R1 it is then?)

  • No road signs
  • Lots of shit straight roads
  • No road markings, (even at junctions?)
Lincoln minecraft
Lincoln – like a bad day on minecraft?
Lincoln traffic nightmare
Even the, (usually reliable), SAFCBlog German Sat Nav was losing the fucking will to live getting out of Lincoln!?

Had some mint days out watching Sunderland today was shite……


  • Tactically naive
  • Couldn’t cope with their Intensity
  • We were completely over run in midfield
  • Long ball to Wyke…. it’s not fucking working? Both their goals came from using width and passing the ball? It’s not rocket science?
  • Lost discipline again, (Wyke should have been sent off)
  • Don’t seem to have a Plan B? Every game is the same?
  • Embarrassment of riches on the pitch were completely outfought and outthought
  • We don’t seem to learn from previous mistakes?
  • We make average teams look like world beaters?


  • The blue away kit is nice
  • After a week of prolonged rain, the weather was good today
  • Best burger I’ve had in a ground for a while

So…. as always, we go again. Even with the upmost positivity of SAFCBlog, today wasn’t good?


JACK…. SAFCBlog will stay classy, but……

How not to score from 20 yards!

How not to score from 3 yards!

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