Sunderland Ease Past Wimbledon with Maguire hat-trick

Chris Maguire King Of Wonderland

We seem to play every few days? This is great in lots of ways, but also adds a bit of pressure to us media, journalistic, serious writer types? With this in mind, I’ve decided to keep the review of today’s game quite simple… some words and some pictures.


Steady drive North, it was a stunning day – optimism is high in the SAFCBlog ranks. Winning games and momentum is where it’s at, but the presence of our mega rich owners to be, is a further boost to morale.

  • 1st half. Well taken goal, should be 3 or 4 nil, but ends 1-1
  • 2nd half. Totally in control, win 3-1; probably should have been 5 or 6
  • stoppage time. First time in ages I’ve not been counting down the seconds with regard to hanging on or attempting to score the winner!

Wimbledon were desperate, they will do well to stay up this season? Nevertheless, we controlled the game and won easily, Maguire treble will, (rightly), make the headlines…. but special mention to Ozturk / Willis, it’s the first time in ages we’ve had a CB pairing that looks decent. I wrongly thought Willis lacked pace after seeing him in Portugal…. turns out he’s actually very quick.

As with most home games, a quiet day out was had…. just as the day seemed like passing by without any random talking points…… whilst cruising in the fast lane of the A19, Charlie Wyke appears in the rear view mirror; seizing the opportunity to show our appreciation, I endeavour to fly my scarf out of the window….. anyway press the wrong button and the combination of an open window and a fast moving car, (no more than 70 mph obviously Officer), sees my Saville Rouge cashmere scarf depart to somewhere in Teeside, (shit version of Yorkshire). Charlie is a class act, acknowledging our loss by flashing his lights like a madman and giving us the thumbs up – he is everything a man who wears red and white should be.

Will Grigg once again put a right shift in, he needs a goal ~ should have scored, but didn’t. Keep going Will, it’ll happen soon.


SOL in the sunshine is a thing of beauty… just wish they’d keep the grass tidy?
Sunderland Ease Past Wimbledon with Maguire hat-trick
Smash these……… SAFCBlog had predicted 3-0, (nearly right)
Proper Sunday league kick off? I wonder where this one is going??
Sunderlands potential new owners
“If we win the premier league 3 seasons in a row, do we get to keep the trophy?”
Sunderland Ease Past Wimbledon with Maguire hat-trick
30’000 again – superb effort
Job done……
Sunderland beat Wimbledon  3 - 1 with Maguire hat-trick
Long live the king
Sunderland bridge and view of the sea
Bridge over not so troubled waters?

Everyone loves Charlie?

Jack looked smart as ever; hot day, so controversially no jacket or cardigan! But given that Wally Downes pitched up in gardening / car washing clobber, it was always going to be an easy win for Jack?




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