Football club for sale……

Sunderland for sale

Football Club For Sale

I’m still a bit muddled as to the timings of the majority deciding Donald’s time is up? The jobs been fucked for quite a while now, from where I was stood SD was rapidly heading towards implosion at SAFC without any significant intervention.

Yesterday at Doncaster was mint – all about the 11 on the pitch and the 4000 off the pitch – credit to all 4011 involved. At about 5pm tonight we were exclusively informed by a national media corporation and a local newspaper that …… Stewart Donald Was Looking To Sell SAFC! In other news, bears shit In the woods and Will Grigg was a waste of money.

Timings aside out owners race is run at SAFC, my opinions on him are no secret…..

I love me…Sunderland football club for sale

SAFC Football Club For Sale Stewart Donald is selling SAFC

……The piss take party stops here….

Football club for sale, Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven are selling Sunderland AFC

….”100 points this season”

Football club for sale

Sunderland Football Club for sale. Not sure much has changed?

Sunderland for sale
Perhaps the timescale has changed?

Nothing at SAFC ever seems to be straightforward, in this instance my first question would be What’s actually for sale? Time will tell, but July 31 accounts, Salaries, Parachute monies, loans from FPP etc make a valuation very tricky? Although, even at a very conservative market value, the numbers quoted suggest someone is going to get an absolute bargain?

Sunderland Football Club For Sale

Could be a steal, a deal, sale of the century?

Pulblic Enemy

SAFC for sale

Job was probably fucked some time ago?

As always opinion differ……… Donald will be on his way soon enough, I’ve no doubt there will be bumps along the way, BUT….. it’s our club and it’ll be right. Lots has been wrong for a long time, but it’ll come good… buying SAFC is akin to finding a masterpiece in your cellar, it may be covered in dust, tired, damaged, in need of TLC….. BUT it’s the real deal. We will rise again 100%. Stewart Donald is not the man to oversee this, we can speculate as to reasons all day long…. but the answer remains the same. Stewart, it’s time to go, move on, sell, leave, do one…… however you say it, it’s time to let it go.


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@YfrontFanzine From a far and someone who’s not involved, but cares, (as you know)…… please tell me they gave a definitive date for the stadium move????…

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