Sunderland January transfer window update….

Sunderland January transfer window latest

Is Bailey the ‘Wright’ man for Sunderland?

SAFCBlog was delighted with the arrival of Kyle Lafferty last week. There’s no doubt that more bodies will be incoming. 

The Sunderland January Transfer Window often has an air of desperation, (think 1.55am at Chambers). The early signs are that we could be doing some decent business, as always speculation is rife – SAFCBlog will look at/welcome any new arrivals. One deal that looks to be a done deal, is the arrival of Bailey Wright from Bristol City.


Who is Bailey Wright?

Bailey is a great name for a dog, less so a person – but he’s Australian so I guess the rules are different? He is 27 years old and plays Centre Half – he’s racked up almost 300 championship appearances and has 24 international caps, so the signs are promising?

Sunderland January transfer window latest
Bailey Wright

Is he any good?

I don’t know a lot about him, but he’s obviously half decent having played as many games as he has? He is currently Club Captain at Bristol City and has squad number 5. Whilst it’s depressing to concede, Bristol City are much better than us, so whilst he’s fallen out of favour; there’s no doubt he has been highly thought of by them.

He’s 27 and out of contract in June – this obviously favours the buyer – and like the proposed Boyce deal from Burton Albion, there’s a good opportunity to secure a decent player at well below his market value?

Is Bailey Wright a good signing?

Even taking into account the fact I don’t know much about him – the reality is there are no guarantees. Who could genuinely have said they expected Proven L1 Goalscorer William Grigg, to be crap and have the demeanour of a man who’s rabbit has died and he’s been unable to sell the hutch?

Club Captain of a decent Championship club ticks a lot of boxes – crucially you have to be a decent professional first and foremost. Conversely, our current Captain is Leadbitter who took over from Honeyman, (nothing against either of these two – but they were, (GH), and are, (GL), pretty much surplus to our requirements.

In recent years we’ve also signed, (and loaned out to Salford), the Peterborough Captain and signed, (and paid off), the Sheffield Wednesday Captain. 

On balance I think he is a good signing. One thing that Parkinson and that fucking lunatic Parkin have done so well is install discipline and use the right personnel at the right times. We are pretty solid at the back already, and now we are no longer restricted to only ever scoring 1 goal per game – conceding the odd goal isn’t the end of the world, (although – in 6 games we have conceded just 2 goals!! One was a wrongly awarded penalty and the other was an offside goal after a foul!). With this in mind, Wright will have to fight for a starting place – but that’s exactly the situation any manager or fan wants to see. 

As aforementioned time will tell, but at least we seem to have moved away from signing young lads from Premiership clubs who don’t give a shit and don’t want to be here.

Bailey is from Melbourne in Australia, which like Sunderland is famed for its climate and golden beaches……

Plays keen to come to the attractions of Sunderland in the January transfer window
Melbourne, Australia
Hendon, Wearside

Sunderland january Transfer Window

Lots more rumours about players who may be arriving…… SAFC Blog will be on hand to look at all new signings. Whilst the January window is a tough gig, we can’t do any worse than we did last year………

10 fucking grand a week???

Welcome to Sunderland Bailey – you’ve joined a great club. SAFCBlog is right behind you……..

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