Sunderland lose on penalties / york extend their lead at the top of the league

Regular readers of SAFCBlog will know I attend pretty much all of Sunderland’s games and offer a review, (either 1st hand or commissioned).

Following a football team involves a lot of time and money. Most people would agree that;

  • Football is brilliant
  • Work isn’t brilliant

Away at Oxford on a school night is obviously quite a trek, sadly today work won the the day. The best laid plans of SAFCBlog to depart mid afternoon were scuppered, still in Yorkshire at 4pm meant the Oxford trip was knackered. As aforementioned time is precious, there’s no point wasting an evening?

As luck would have it York City are at home in what could be their last game under the lights at Bootham Crescent.

I previously mentioned that work isn’t brilliant; conversely this blog affords me the opportunity to write whatever I like, so if anyone is upset at the lack of a proper view from Oxford – I’m really not arsed.

As it happens a regular match going pal of mine, (Jamie), is on hand to take a few pics from Oxford. Aside from being very fond of York, there’s loads of links between SAFC / YCFC; so it’s GAME ON X2

90 minutes to kick off…. 196 miles to Oxford!

Not only are York unbeaten in ages, they have the opportunity to go 8 points clear at the top of the league tonight. It’s also, (potentially), the last game under the lights at Bootham Crescent. Following SAFC the last few years has taken us to places that are far detached from the Premier League Stadiums – BC is a proper traditional football ground. Yes, the SOL is decent, but is there anyone who doesn’t miss Roker Park in some way?

I took loads of photos tonight; having a camera phone is great for capturing the moment. That said there’s a few people out there who have an absolute gift for capturing the moment, everyone loves Twitter, I’ve never actually met the chap…. but @Yorktone regularly posts the most amazing photos of football and life, just stunning; obviously do what you like – but following him will enhance your life I’d say?

Anyway onto a few shite pictures from my phone…..

“Doesn’t matter where your are in the world or whatever the level………..
…….football is so much better under the lights?”

Half time

City 1 Boston 0

Whilst City deserve to be ahead, Boston are no mugs. A really decent first half – ironically after loads of decent attacks from York, the goal was a tap in after the Boston keeper went down in instalments and fluffed a speculative shot into the grateful path of the City striker.

Oxford 1 Sunderland 0

30 seconds after hitting the post we concede, not unlike Saturday we go in 0-1 despite being the better team, all is not lost?

Full time

City 2 Boston 1

Great header from a corner makes it 2-0, just as City look to be coasting, a gaff from the keeper gives Boston a lifeline. Obviously 2-1 is quite a precarious scoreline, but to be fair City hold on fairly comfortably.

Oxford 1 Sunderland 1

By all accounts we were the better team, (again!). Aside from chances missed, we were denied a stonewall penalty on 88 minutes, (see video below). Sadly we lose on penalties – but fair dos, they score 4/4 and we miss 2/4. SAFCBlog has often commented on Will Grigg, anyone can miss a penalty – it was highlighted last week that he’s probably a confidence player – chin up Will. We go again on Saturday.

How is that not a penalty??

So good result for York and a bad result for Sunderland, although by all accounts SAFC should have won? We just need to get right into Southend from the 1st whistle on Saturday. Whilst I was gutted to not make it to Oxford, it was good to pay a visit to BC, a decent game and a deserved win.

If your names not down, you’re not coming in”
Cold, uncomfortable……but beautiful”

So we’re out of the cup, obviously we want to win games; but in the bigger scheme of things probably not the end of the world. We need to put in another positive performance on Saturday and I’m sure we will win the game.

Whilst it’s widely accepted the refs in L1 aren’t great….. the refs in NLN?? Wow – absolutely dreadful, another level altogether!?

Anyone familiar with SAFCBlog will know I love our fans – yet another big turnout tonight. Football is a game of opinions, I’ve left games early loads over the years. One observation tonight….

  • The crowd was shy of 3’000 and the atmosphere was great, to the extent that they pretty much got them over the line the last few minutes
  • I appreciate performances breed atmosphere – but let’s get right into Southend from the very first whistle on Saturday. Tranmere looked terrified, Southend are even worse than them – let’s smash them!

SAFCBlog will be back at the intended game on Saturday. Slightly surreal evening tonight, obviously wished I’d been at Oxford, but York was a fucking great substitute.

“Wrong game, wrong city……. wasn’t going to get my supper order wrong!”


Didn’t quite make it to Oxford…..




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