Why sunderland should NOT change manager……

SAFCBlog always alludes to, it’s a game of opinions; there’s no shortage of debate as to whether Jack Ross is the man for the job? Whilst we are a League 1 team, we are also on the verge of potentially becoming one of the richest clubs in the world – so it’s a admittedly a slightly unusual situation.

Last season was ultimately a failure, we were woeful at Peterborough, we should have kicked on yesterday against a hapless Accrington, we sometimes look tactically naive? It would be hard for anyone to argue against these points….. so why do we keep Jack? Well…….

  • Aside from one game this season, we look to be good enough to win this league
  • After years of being a complete shitstorm of a club, we at last seem to be sailing on the calm in terms of discipline and morale
  • Most of all; being mega rich needs to be handled appropriately…..

As regards to the last point, look at how many ugly, (rich), people attract stunning looking partners? Man City lost to Norwich yesterday, their fans backed them to the end and applauded them off…. happy clapping? No… just classy. In a parallel situation Chelsea fans would have fucked off after 75 minutes and been chelping on a football phone in about being a massive club?

So……. say no to pink polo shirts, slip on shoes and being arrogant tossers.

Think.Vincent Kompany, community work, winning & losing with equal grace


And…… say yes to decent coats, Adidas Originals and staying classy.

Not….. John Terry, £50 tickets and player power

We are so many peoples second team, no one likes Leeds or Newcastle, purely because of the delusions of grandeur held by their fans.

The demise of Bury FC is not linked to our impending wealth and success, but it is a reminder to keep things real?

Anyone still reading may be wondering what this has to do with keeping Jack? The stories have started already about Big Sam coming back etc, SAFCBlog says never look back, no Keane, no Sam, no Super Kev. We are in League 1 – let’s do the right thing and battle our way out. Admittedly being in League 1 isn’t great, but not paying Rodwell, Papy, N’Dong etc is great. Let’s remember the outpouring of love for Oviedo when he departed…… the reason? As far as I could see it was, doing the job he’s paid to do without being a complete shithouse, (should be a prerequisite of any job?).

So…. we will beat Bolton on Saturday, if we beat Rotherham on Tuesday, we will probably be top of the league this time next week? I’m happy with that.


Why Sunderland Should NOT Change Manager - Jack Ross
“Thanks Sam, but no thanks”
Stay classy”
“In Jack SAFCBlog trusts”
Why Sunderland Should NOT Change Manager - stick with Jack Ross
I genuinely believe we will win this league, with this man at the helm?”


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