Why Sunderland need to stick with Jack Ross


Having looked at 6 seasons of misery, the final article looks at our current manager Mr John James (Jack) Ross. Regular readers, (yes i know),of SAFC Blog will have read and thoroughly enjoyed 2018/19 what went wrong and the excellent promotion 2019/20. Those who’ve read these will know I’m a firm supporter of Jack Ross. The aforementioned have pretty much covered my thoughts on JR ~ so I’ll keep this brief(ish).

He ultimately failed with his target for last season and as such, there’s a section of the fanbase eager for another change of manager. Game of opinions etc and understandable in a results driven business.

For me, not only does JR offer stability…..

~ he arrived late last year

~ the club had been chaotic for years, (Rodwell, Papy, AJ, Gibson, Kone etc). This year we seem to have sailed on the calm for the first time in ages ~ credit must go to JR for this

~ whilst most scotch people are dull, (despite being pissed most of the time); JR is an intelligent, well dressed man, who oozes calm & cool. Think Connery and Souness rather than Rab C Nesbit and Nichola Sturgess

Shaun Connery

~ obviously the first 10/12 games are massive for JR

“If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs
And are blaming it on you……
And ~ what is more ~ you’ll be a man my son”
Kipling ~ exceedingly good poems

Jack Ross
“Not everyone can mix buttons and zips with such authority and ease?”

Whilst we lost twice at Wembley with 2 mostly shite performances, JR rose to the challenge. I had been concerned that a jacket and tie combo might make him look a bit “insurance salesman?” ~ but he fucking nailed it!

Jack Ross
“Jacket and tie you say?? No problem…. I’ll raise you and give you jacket, tie and cardigan”

Dress code ~ 10/10

Verdict ~ watch this space……. still work in progress. But ……………… IN JACK I TRUST

Next up….

A look at our Portuguese opponents and the hotly anticipated www.safcblog.com 2018/19 awards.


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