Sunderland return to League 1 action this Saturday – Match Preview……

Thought I better get this previewed while it’s still on, we make the trip to Northampton on Saturday, Cobblers…. no it’s true! Not watched the new updates today from Boris & Co, but it’s surely only a matter of time til our season grinds to a halt. The sporting media revolves around the Premier League, (and rightly so), a couple of PL games been called off this week, it feels like the net is closing in? Sheffield Utd and WBA, (the bottom two), have been most vocal about suspending the season, can’t imagine why, turkeys and Christmas and all that? News of a vaccine today, but we all know that a little prick from Oxford, isn’t always as good as it first seems?

So are Northampton any Good?

No……. they’re shit. The division is very tight, there’s lots of average teams and about 8 really shit teams, we are average. Whilst it would be a big ask for a shit team to beat a good team, it’s not such a surprise when a shit team beats an average team? The product of this is a crap league, whilst we have the personnel to be slightly better than average, too many players have been shit this season. Northampton won last night for the first time in a while, but they were playing Gillingham who are one of the shitter shit teams. In short, we should win, but we might not and we probably won’t play the game anyway.

Is Northampton any good?

Unsure – I’ve only been twice, once to see the Happy Monday’s at Northampton Roadmender and once to watch York City lose in January 2004 on the coldest day ever recorded. It’s famous for making shoes too.

Famous Northampton Folk…….

There’s a few to be fair, Comedian Alan Carr, the guitarist from Bauhaus, miserable singer Thom Yorke and sitcom star and Cher type Lesley Joseph……

Lesley Joseph, the best looking one in Birds of a Feather; although it’s a fairly low bar?

Historically speaking

We played them in the cup 12 years ago, but we’ve not met in the league since May 1988, we beat them 3-1 to secure the 3rd Division Title after one season at that level, (we’re far too big a club to be in the 3rd tier for more than one season!)

1987-88, you can only play one goalie, so there’s absolutely no point having more than one?

SAFCBlog Predicts……

NTFC vs SAFC, (game suspended due to COVID)

What a fucking year eh? Whilst it would be nice, The Show Probably Won’t Go On….. but it will get better, it might take a while …. but it will get better……


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