Sunderland vs Rotherham United preview

After a break of over 3 weeks the Red and White Wizards of Wonderland return to the Stadium of Light. It’s a long time since we played Rotherham United in a competitive game…. we did play them in a pre season friendly a few years ago; on a day David Moyes was unveiled as manager, we won fairly easily.

Sunderland vs Rotherham United preview
Borini kicking the ball…… 3 weeks later he was to break his foot kicking the ground whilst taking a free kick at Southampton
David Moyes former Sunderland manager
Hindsight a wonderful thing? Surely no one could have predicted how bad, (in my opinion), his tenure at Sunderland would be?

We have to go as far back as 2004/05 for our last competitive meetings with The Millers…..

Sunderland vs Rotherham United preview
Last time at the SOL….. Proof that its possible to not make an absolute arse out of a red white striped kit design?

Prior to 2004/05, we have to go back to 1963….. a bad year for JFK, but every cloud has a silver lining…….

The best band in the world used the event as the inspiration for the best B side ever released

Following relegation last season, Rotherham have had a mixed / OK start to the season….. a win away at Wimbledon, (who are shite), a loss at home to Lincoln, (who are decent), a win at Burton, (who should be better than they are), a draw against Tranmere, (who are poor) and a loss in a local derby at Doncaster. Before we meet they play Bolton at home – which they will win comfortably. So, a tough game on the horizon I’d say? Like most Yorkshire clubs, they travel well – they will also be excited to come to our ground, so I’d expect 1500 or so visiting fans in a crowd of 34’000?

Not unlike Sunderland the town has seen better days, coal mining and steel production are obviously not Growth Industries – thankfully after a few chaotic years the football club seems to be on an even keel, with passionate, supportive and most of all responsible ownership. The new ground is one of the 6 of the current 92 that I’ve not visited, (I’ll tick if off come what May).

Sunderland used to play Rotherham at Millmoor
Millmoor…… proper old school
Don Valley…… sounds like a country singer?
New York Stadium
New York Stadium

The town is somewhat bizarrely twinned with the stunning Saint-Quentin Aisne……

The Functional Rotherham station…..
The Beautiful Saint-Quentin station…..
Rotherham Town Hall……
Saint-Quentin Aisne Town Hall…..
Bonjour, you silly twats….. it’s fucking Rotherham NOT ROTTERDAM!!! Heads will fucking roll for this! SACRE BLEU

Back to matters on the pitch, there’s every chance that the fixture will see Billy Jones return to the SOL – whilst he didn’t do great at Sunderland, he never let us down and he did score against the Mags? So SAFCBlog will be offering a polite ripple of applause to the returning right back.

Sunderland vs Rotherham United preview
Billy Jones – RUFC Right Back

For some reason, there’s loads of famous folk from Rotherham……

Chuckle Brothers – arguably the best photo ever?
Sunderland vs Rotherham United preview William Hague supports Rotherham by downing a pint
William Hague…. 14 pints my arse Tory Boy….. see you in Spoons at the top of Micklegate at 9.05am Saturday morning?”
Celebrity dancer David Seaman. Also a keen fisherman, (not in a Raol Moat Gazza way?).If I ever make it as a pro footballer…. he is a great role model… be mint at footie and make loads of cash…. do a bit of fishing….. go on dancing show and marry fit partner…. do a bit of presenting on the radio….. top, top work David.

Whilst from nearby Sheffield, 2016 Masters Champion Danny Willett, represents The Rotherham Golf Club

Golf – a really fucking hard game

Super ref and Man Utd fan Howard Webb also hails from Rotherham.

So……… SAFCBlog predicts; a hard fought 2-1 win for Sunderland



As previously mentioned, Rotherham suffered a narrow defeat at neighbours Doncaster Rovers yesterday, it would be inappropriate and remiss not to offer a link to the Doncaster boozer that is surely the best pub in the world?