Sunderland takeover nears completion.

Sunderland Takeover

Sunderland takeover nears completion

Having thought that the International Break would be a quiet few weeks for SAFCBlog….. the small matter of an impending Sunderland takeover means us professional media types cannot rest. 85 visitors to SAFCBlog today and over 1.1 million views of the Sunderland ‘takeover thread’ on the most active Sunderland Message board, is testament to the interest that has been generated across the main SAFC social media platforms?

We all know there are no guarantees whatsoever in football? There’s also a degree of irony that in a week where a founder member of the Football League has been expelled from the league, that we are alluding to and actually preparing for, being minted as a club.

The strength in depth of our leagues has for years been amazing, for a team to lose its place is very sad. It’s very rare for SAFCBlog to get any feedback, but in response to Francis Crump of Winchester: I’m not an insensitive knobber. You’re not comparing like with like? Why don’t you write to the Daily Star and question why nurses get paid less than Wayne Rooney?

Desperately sad situation

Near miss for Bolton Wanderers!

Whilst it’s been acknowledged that there are no certainties in football….. I’m sure we’ve all given some thought in the last week or so, to how great it would be to win something!? So…. in a seamless link… sometimes in football dreams do come true?

Naples 1980’s

Italian football is brilliant. All football fans will have an opinion of the greatest players they have seen play the beautiful game. The greatest for me was Diego Maradona, Napoli were basically shit….. Diego transformed them into the first Southern Italy side to win Serie A; another Scudetto followed, along with European glory…..

Napoli winning the league…. bonkers…. like, erm, Sunderland winning the Premiership

Dare to Dream?

He went to one of the poorest Cities in the world…… and…..dreams came true

Manchester 2012

Having slipped to the 3rd tier of English football, (imagine that eh?)

How low can you go?

In the words of the best band to come out of Northwich……”How High?”

Leicester 2016

After a shock win against a much fancied Sunderland team on the first day of the season, things just got better and better for the foxes….


Sunderland Takeover – Dare To Dream

For anyone still reading, whilst the focus as moved away from SAFC, the message is loud and clear……Dare to Dream. Next time you’re at the Stadium of Light, regardless of where you sit, just look around at the faces there. We all get lots out of watching Sunderland, for me….friendship, laughs, entertainment, camaraderie, banter….. the list is endless. BUT…… just imagine winning stuff?

Being miserable at footie = shite

Being happy at footie = great

Who knows what lies ahead, no doubt it’ll be a rollercoaster? But….. we may just be about to become good? Football is mint, so let’s stay classy and enjoy the ride.

Sadly…. changes at the very top will inevitably lead to changes further down the pyramid? SAFCBlog has always been 100% behind Jack Ross – let’s just hope he’s given the chance to finish the job he has started.



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