Sunderland Thrash tranmere rovers 5-0

Well that was rather good wasn’t it? 5 bloody nil!

Steady drive to Wonderland.

Haway five-0
Sunderland Thrash Tranmere Rovers 5-0
Front of car – idiots X2, (who irons jumpers?)
Middlesbrough – better in the dark?

Start of match 0-0

Half time 3-0

Full time 5-0.

Tranmere weren’t very good, but the same can be said of most teams in L1? We were absolutely tremendous. Obviously 1 win doesn’t mean all is fixed, (just as 1 defeat on Saturday didn’t really count for much?).

Whilst we all wanted it to work out for Jack Ross, it was ultimately performances more than results that cost him his job? SAFCBlog is based on positivity, although it’s also important to be as balanced and realistic as one can as a fan. Over the last 7 months, I’ve highlighted lots of areas that have not been good……

  • Not killing teams off, especially when we’ve gone 1-0 at home ✅
Get in…… 2-0……You don’t save those?

  • We’ve lacked a swagger? Especially at home. ✅
  • We’re not got at teams early in games ✅
  • We’ve lacked pace ✅
  • We’ve lacked width ✅
  • We’ve not varied our play ✅

Just so many positives last night – can anyone remember enjoying a home game that much since the Big Sam days? I’m not sure I can. Whilst it’s probably wise to not get carried away? Bollocks to that, I’m getting carried away, we’ve endured enough shite, and it’s ones duty as a football fan to get irrationally excited I’d say?

Haway Five-0
H’Way the Lads 5-0

Goals, goals, goals……

  • One last area where SAFCBlog has been slightly critical, is Will Grigg…..

Last night was his best game for us by a country mile, his superbly weighted ball for Watmore to open the scoring was sublime. He deservedly got a standing ovation when he came off, crucially Parky leading the applause was class – a bit of passion from the gaffer in the technical area; not seen that for a long time? It’s often been said that Ross never played to Grigg’s strengths, (hoofing it long in a straight line was never going to suit him?). Last night, we used both wings and crossed the ball early – hugely positive about Will now, he’ll score a hat-full this season. I don’t know the man, but it looks like he’s a confidence player, and just needs a bit of love…..

Your defence is terrified!

SAFCBlog Hero, Will Grigg

All in all, just a great night. It’s easy to forget that whilst we go to the game in hope rather than expectation? It was just tremendous to be entertained and smash someone.

Still getting plenty of feedback on the blog via the media team at – not all negative either. Although some loon from Slazenger Boulevard, Acomb suggested, there’s too many videos???? Fucking crank??

Sunderland Thrash Tranmere Rovers 5-0
Daniel Clayton Of Acomb, York; An Idiot?????????????



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