Sunderland V Bristol Rovers match preview

Sunderland v Bristol Rovers

Sunderland v Bristol Rovers match preview

Saturday sees us welcome Bristol Rovers to the SOL. Rovers currently sit 13th, which is pretty much in line with the final placed finish of 15th predicted by SAFCBlog back in the summer. They head north after a good win vs Blackpool, (although the Seasiders seem to be in turmoil again?) – this was the first win in 12 league games for Rovers. 

Are Sunderland going to win?

Everything points towards a home win, but we all know it’s not an exact science. I think we will win and I think it’s important that we do, as I think the Fleetwood game on the Tuesday after is a real tough one. 

I’m not mad for stats, but we’ve never beaten Fleetwood and we just seem to find it hard to cope with their physicality and intensity, (it’ll be interesting to see if that’s the case this time?). Anyway, I digress – YES, WE WILL WIN – SAFC Blog predicts a 2-0 home win.

We beat them 3 times last season, but never look back…. just to validate the point that the past is irrelevant to what happens on Saturday, Will Grigg scored there last season!

Sunderland v Bristol Rovers
“Why have they got white mesh to stop the ball going out for a goal kick?”…. “Will, you’ve scored a goal!”

Whilst they will be buoyed by beating Blackpool their recent form has been desperate, as mentioned Saturday was their 1st win in ages. The combination of them not being very good and us being very good, suggests a home win, the SAFC Blog Super Computer is at the menders getting a new transponder fitted – but I’m still confident with my prediction.

a bit about Bristol rovers

Bristol is a massive city, Rovers are currently the poor neighbours, (league placing wise), to BCFC. Although Rovers have a great fanbase and I’ve always enjoyed going there. It’s normally the way with big cities that 1 fanbase is preferable, eg Everton fans better than Liverpool, Hearts better than Hibs, Spurs better than Arsenal etc….. game of opinions, but from my, (albeit limited), experience, Rovers fans always seem sound… City fans less so. 

There was plans for them to relocate to a new ground, I’ve already seen them at 3 home grounds, 4 would be a record! Going to watch them when they played at Bath was a great trip as it’s a lovely place, bizarrely I’ve never seen so many wasps as there were in Bath – literally fucking hundreds of the bad bastards, not sure if this is typical of a trip to Bath?

Who’s the Bristol Rovers boss?

Rovers are managed by Ben Garner, he went into coaching early after enforced retirement. His track record of working with younger players at Palace, Chelsea and WBA is decent. 

This is perhaps the way Rovers need to look, as they don’t look to have a budget for signings? This obviously is a long game, he’s not had a good start results wise, hopefully the club are trusting the longer term strategy – I’ve no idea what the fans view is? But then I wouldn’t have expected large sections of our fans to be writing a gaffer off after a few months?

Ben Garner, certainly looks clever? I imagine he reads books? He certainly won’t be engaging with Steve Parkin? It could be a quiet few weeks for SP, as Barton has already engineered a touchline ban for next Tuesday?
Steve, ‘no library card’ Parkin…..

Famous people from Bristol……

Massive Attack are brilliant and responsible for one of the finest albums ever…..

Great Band

Graffiti is a crime, only last week someone added a gigantic cock and balls to the railway station wall in the town where I live. CCTV, anti vandal paint etc are progressive steps I guess? 

I’m not denying that Banksy, (no Tony Hart obviously), is decent at drawing, but vandalism is not something to be celebrated? Game of opinions as always……….

I tend not to look at the fixtures of our rivals, we just need to keep our house in order, but….. Rotherham, Portsmouth and Coventry are all away on Saturday and then Coventry host Rotherham on Tuesday night, so we may have a real opportunity to see just How High we can go?

Big game Saturday, then All Roads Lead Back To Wonderland 3 days later.


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