Sunderland v Leicester u21s

Another bloody cup game, but given we don’t play in the league for the best part of 3 weeks, I guess it’s better than no game? Fully expected to win the game, although can’t think of anything worse than a trip to Wembley for the final.

Bonfire night is shit, like all festivals / Key dates it’s become commercialised nonsense, (although at least it’s based on fact unlike Easter Egg Day and Santa’s Birthday). Why waste time and money on Bonfire Night, when you can waste time and money on a trip to the Stadium of Light?

Sunderland V Leicester City U21s
40 minutes to kick off, excitement building – crowd control in place

As expected I’ve not heard of any of their players

Sunderland V Leicester City U21s team news
It’s widely accepted that we have the best named player in football in Max Power – but Admiral Muskwe is a great name.
Sunderland V Leicester City U21s warm up
When someone said we were playing Leicester City’s Kids…… I didn’t expect to see them playing Ring a Ring a Roses pre match?

As expected we make plenty of changes, given our schedule this is no bad thing and our squad is decent – a comfortable win is on the cards. It also gives our new boss to have a look at squad players in a match situation, for example a different centre back pairing.

Sunderland V Leicester City U21s Parky
On the subject of pairings Phil……suit trousers & sports coat –it just looks shit pal. I’ve got loads of nice coats, if you want to borrow one just email the admin department at
Sunderland V Leicester City U21s Leicester turn out in force
Fair play to the Leicester fans who made the trip.

With 7649 packed into the SOL, the match gets under way.

wits the goalie dain?
Sunderland V Leicester City U21s
The Leicester players arrive just in time

Start 0-0

HT 1-0 Decent goal, we are well on top
FT 1-2 Shocking 2nd half. 1st one a penalty, 2nd one a good finish; but our defence played their part by not bothering to tackle. Leadbitter somehow manages to miss the kind of chance you’d expect Grigg to miss.

Oh well, at least I didn’t go to a bonfire. HUGE LEASING.COM GROUP A GAME, at Scunthorpe next Tuesday. Utter madness, but SAFCBlog will be there to report on all the action – must be absolutely Crazy…….