Portsmouth v Sunderland preview – play-off semi final leg 2

Here we go again….Portsmouth v Sunderland

A young man who sits near me at The Stadium of Light, made the analogy comparing going to the match as…, “you wouldn’t keep going to the same shit restaurant, or to watch the same shit film”…. Well I feel like I am! Sick of playing Portsmouth ~ I cant imagine anyone with no connection whatsoever with Pompey has written as much as I have the last 6 weeks or so.

Many attempts have been made in some quarters to whip up a rivalry of sorts, and whilst some youth threw a firework at the League One game….. my thoughts are as follows:

  • They’ve been through the mill as a club even more than us.
  • Their support is decent, not only in numbers ~ but they seem to be realistic and not have mag~esque delusions of grandeur.
  • As a town, there’s obvious parallels with Sunderland.
  • So whilst the lower quality areas of the internet, seem to be trying to whip up a Sunderland v Portsmouth rivalry; it’s not actually there. With this in mind ~ I’m looking forward to sampling the alehouses of Portsmouth. CAMRA lists 14 in the city, (town?) ~ so visiting each is more than realistic!?

There’s no point not pretending that we’ve gone from looking nailed on for promotion at the turn of the year.. to looking pretty average/shite towards the end of the season. On a positive note ~ PFC have gassed it even more? When they beat us 3~1 in December, they went 7 points clear at the top, (I think?). Having slipped away they went head to head with us for 3rd place and as the EFL table shows ~ Charlton Academicals claimed 3rd spot!

Anyway ~ I feel like I’ve previewed Pompey games enough.

So as a bit of light relief from the tension of the play offs. I thought I’d look at things to do in Portsmouth and a few of their famous faces….

Things to do in Portsmouth

  • Charles Dickens Museum

Famous folk from Portsmouth

Peter Sellers

Very funny

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling ~ Before baking was just a shit TV programme

Charles Dickens ~ clever, but really fucking boring

Amanda Holden

Born in Portsmouth ~ always polarised opinions….. fit? Or looks like a weird cat?
A) “slip on like an old sea boot?”
B) “ignore her calls?”

Kim Woodburn

“Fucking hell….. Is that bird from BGT still on hold?”

Onto Thursday, fucking long way… but safcblog.com will be there.


In Jack We Trust.