Sunderland heading to the play-offs – Portsmouth review

Sunderland v Portsmouth Sunderland heading to the play-offs

Sunderland heading to the Play-offs – Portsmouth review

Bit flat but, Sunderland are heading to the play-offs. Not rocket science why we have come up short?!

  • 19 draws.
  • Only scoring one goal a game will always lead to a lot games not being won.
  • Maja staying would have seen Sunderland up? Alternatively Grigg being fit and/or breaking sweat and giving a shit would have helped replace Josh?

We’ve probably got what we deserve out of the season thus far? Done OK – but not that good or that bad?

Still this is a big game – and these are the games you want to be involved in. Having recently drawn at the home of the NFL – it’s a game that could go either way!

Having not played in the top tier since 1992 -Portsmouth are looking to recapture their glory years of surviving relegation occasionally. Read the match preview here

Disappointment of A19 being shut is soon a distant memory when we visit some services near Durham on the A1. Park next to a van, sat at a dining table in the back of said van – sit a French couple, (not that clean looking) – who after chopping mushrooms and some type of pot-plant – proceed to eat it: whilst both still smoking a joint.

Sunderland heading to the play-offs

French people (smelly)

A bridge to far Sunderland heading to the play-offs

Automatic promotion- a bridge too far?

Onto Wonderland

Onto Wonderland and teh Stadium of Light

“Use the footpath lads?”

Sunderland fans at the Stadium of Light

Got our Sheffield United flag out to celebrate their promotion.

Sunderland v Portsmouth Sunderland heading to the play-offs

Guess it’ll be 1-1 again?

Sunderland v Portsmouth flares in the Sunderland fans

Piss poor this. But…. 1 idiot out of 4’000 – word is he was outed by his own fans and treated with the distain he deserved

Sunderland v Portsmouth

Half time 1-1

Full time 1-1

Played ok , couple of great saves from veteran keeper Alan Knight. From afar Portsmouth seem a bit like us? Anything can happen, (can’t be arsed to check but I think they’ve lost twice to Gillingham this season – which takes some doing?).

They were superb 2nd half at Wembley – but pretty average today. Every chance we may be meeting again this season? No idea what to put in the preview if this is the case? It might be an idea if we just go straight to a penalty shoot out if we meet at Spurs now disused ground? Save a bit of time?

Shit review I know and Sunderland heading to the play-offs. I was hoping to get some golf played and gardening done but will be there!

Onto Fleetwood on Tuesday Matters not, but may as well win.

In Jack We Trust

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