Sunderland vs Aston Villa U21’s

It’s a 1st team fixture, journalistic responsibility, (along with nothing else to do), dictates a match review is required

A wins a win? We should aim to win every game – no point playing otherwise? In the first month of lockdown I absolutely obliterated my youngest daughter at ‘penalty shoot outs’ – to not give 100% would be a sign of weakness. So….. we may as well win tonight and win well?

6952 attended our last home game in this competition- could surely have let us in tonight?

Up for the Cup…..

We are in the 3rd tier because we deserve to be, no complaints. A trip to Wembley for most division 3 clubs is a real incentive, like a dog that’s been kicked too much, a trip to Wembley  to watch Sunderland offers zero appeal, I’d genuinely rather go for a late night swim round at Barrymores Gaff…..


We’ve got enough players to play a lot of games, the squad is stronger than it’s been for years. Wyke, Grigg & Graham all have their critics, but there’s enough there to smash this league? All players thrive on confidence, (especially strikers), winning games and scoring goals is never a bad thing?

Team lineups

7pm kick off threw me, I’ve no idea what the starting 11 is and can’t be arsed to check – seems a strong team though?

Phil Watch

Positive day Saturday for Phil, he looked like a school teacher, whilst not ideal, it was a step up from looking like a bloke selling frozen meat from a bin bag in Yates? His hair still looks shit and he had the same clothes on tonight as Saturday. I’ve not, (as yet), been a football manager… as a fan, I often sleep in my clothes on a Saturday night – if I was the SAFC Gaffer, I’d have a 2nd jumper. Anyway,  thanks for reading Phil… that pussy Parkin doesn’t scare SAFCBlog and I suppose the greatest manager ever, (Brian Clough), only had 1 jumper?

1st half…. men vs younger men

Akin to the games against City and the Mags in the year we were joint winners of the trophy. It really isn’t a contest….

1-0 Wyke

2-0 Fenney 

Half Time​

For Fuck Sake….. Wembley, here we fucking come

2nd half

Despite not being in the game, villa score a penalty….


shortly after it’s 3-1, another header – these villa kids make Amy Johnson look good in the air?


Frozen in time?

lap top frozen, I really can’t be arsed to reboot broadband etc… 3-1 up, job done. Going to watch england on SKY instead. I’d be disappointed if we don’t win 5 or 6-1, and nat as well give Danny Graham 15 minutes.

New low for SAFCBlog….. match report filed ✅ attended match ❌ match finished ❌

The very best of the best…..

Love dogs, love trainers, love football, love golf, love beers…..before that there was New Order. New single today 💜✊

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