Sunderland Vs Bristol Rovers Preview

New season tomorrow, ordinarily I’d be as giddy as a kipper. Sadly things are different this season, I’m not a huge fan of the news, (too depressing), but it doesn’t look like we will be allowed to go to the footie anytime soon? Football is just a game, (albeit a good game), obviously health is more important – what looked like being October is now looking more like January? Anyway, as always time will tell.


Bristol is a big city with 2 league teams, City & Rovers. Our last trip to Rovers was a disaster, seeing us drop out of the EFL End of Season Wheel of Fortune…..although it was good for mid table Wycombe who voted not to play and then won the play offs. Prior to the defeat in March, we’d done well against them in recent years.

For some reason Bristol is used as slang more than anywhere else I can think of. Prior to our recovery from 0-3 at half time to 3-3 at full time, in what has become fondly known as Bristanbul, (I left a half time), the city gave us…..Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion,  Bristol & West, Bristol Cities / Bristols

Whilst we have 2 superior bridges, the Clifton Suspension Bridge over the River Avon is a belter

FAMOUS & FROM BRISTOL……Absolute bumper crop, some proper cool people too;

Celebrity Vandal Banksy, John Cleese, Boycie, Darth Vader, Weird Artist Damien Hirst and the absolute genius that is Massive Attack

A wonderful album

Bristol Rovers FC……

They were 14th last season when the EFL decided not to bother finishing the season, so mid table seems a fair assessment. They looked ok at the SOL for an hour and whatever our shortcomings were, they were 100% worthy winners in March down there.

The Gaffer……Ben Garner doesn’t seem hugely popular with the majority of the fans. He’s clearly a decent coach and seems keen to give youth a chance. As we know, Division 3 is a fucking horrible slog – it’ll be interesting to see how they do this time around. The loss of Jonson Clarke-Harris to Peterborough looks like a bit of a blow for them? I couldn’t really be arsed to research anything about their squad, but mid table again looks a reasonable bet?

Ownership……. owning a  3rd tier club has always be a challenge, the last 6 months is going to really hurt. I wish every club stability, I’m not in anyway qualified to comment, but….. as a fan of a club who’s owners look to have fucked them over, there must be a degree of concern amongst the Rovers fans?

“Didn’t SD declare us as debt free?”
As I say, I know nothing about it, but……”there’s some big fucking numbers quoted there?”

Phil Watch……

I’m mega confident that we will get promoted, Phil is the right man for the job. The team and squad looks decent, Parkinson’s recruitment looks solid, Scowen and Wright are potentially 2 of the best players in this league. Graham looks a sensible signing. Phil has also handled McGeady perfectly, so all good…… well not quite…..since COVID I cut my own hair, it’s really not that hard, Phil’s hair is a mess. It’s fine if you’re Jimmy Nail or Dean Gafney, but no good if you’re the gaffer of the biggest club in world football? To be fair he’s looking a bit smarter, brown shoes look good with beige or blue, but not with grey.

Moonwalk the Talk…..

“Shamone!!!……and move and glide……” curveball from Phil last week, with his fine display of moonwalking
“Shamone…….right back at ya Phil”

Gutted not to be going tomorrow, absolutely gutted…. I’ll watch online and review the match as usual.

SAFCBlog predicts…..

SAFC 2 vs BRFC 0

Bit of a non contest the other night, good to see the official site giving an attendance figure though?

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