Sunderland vs Doxford Park Reserves in Preview…..

Oxford are a top 6 division 3 outfit, sadly we are currently the same, despite being not that good we find ourselves in a decent position heading into 3 home games in 8 days……
Not quite…… but it’s definitely an opportunity, the now is in its 4th season, the never looks strong? Can we please just get promoted this time?

Oxford United….

As aforementioned they are a top 8ish team in this division, they might get promoted up via the play offs eventually, and have one season in the Championship before getting relegated. Good luck to them, it’s a shit away day anyway……

Car Park Doggers A.F.C. 1 vs Stadium Knobbers 0, (Collymore, 69)

Oxford United FC….

They are doing ok, whilst their gaffer behaves like a bit of a prick on the sidelines, he’s a decent manager at this level, it’s always a tough game vs Oxford, I can’t imagine it being any different tomorrow?

Upside down = an angry crab

Haven’t got time to research who plays for them, SAFCBlog Predicts….. SAFC 1 vs OUFC 1

Oxford in profile…..

Surely there’s some arty type at the Uni who can do better than this pile of shite?
  • Got a fancy university
  • Play Cambridge in a rowing race each year, (silly twats)
  • loads of famous folk from the city, loads…….

Radiohead, David Mitchell, Supergrass, Hugh Laurie etc

A very naturally funny man✅
One half of Laurie & Fry….funny✅ Clever✅ Rich✅…… bet he’s batting off the women with an extra large shitty stick?

SAFCBlog is focused on Association Football, the England women won the other night 20-0, it’s hard to make a case for that being serious sport? SAFCBlog remains a huge fan of Beach Volleyball, hot ball slapper Rachel White was born in Oxford …..

next Friday…. Another exciting new SAFCBlog feature….. SAFCBlog Caption this……

Exciting Features…..

Dish of the Kris Day…… gonna fucking smash it tomorrow 🌎

Friday requests……forgot about it last week

No request this week, back on track next Friday✅

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