Sunderland vs Peterborough Match Review….

It’s Matchday 3….it’s 2.45pm….. the red and white wizards of Wonderland are at home. Sadly, what should normally be the best moment of the week, is not!

Football Without Fans

I’ve written a lot recently about the stance of no fans, it’s just not right. I wish every club well and good luck to those able to host fans….


The SOL has 49’500 seats, 2 miles from my gaff, where I’m about to watch our game on my laptop, is Station View the home of Harrogate Railway AFC, which has 300 seats and a capacity of about 2’800….

HRAFC – SAFE to welcome fans today……

SAFC – NOT SAFE to welcome fans today…….

As I say – good luck to those able to host fans, but the decision making process is completely fucked!

So despite holding a season ticket and having a box at the SOL, I’m sat watching at home – it’s absolute madness of the highest order?


Normally decent 1st half of the season? Crap result day 1, good result game 2. Ivan Toney was probably the best striker in this league last season – he’s gone to Brentford. He’s been replaced by Jonson Clarke-Harris, who is now probably the best striker in this league.

Happy with that, Scowen deserves his start. Game of opinions, and I’m in the minority, but I’m delighted to see Wyke starting

3pm …… and we’re off!

PHIL WATCH…… No better, it’s obviously cold. Whilst the arrival of jacket weather was a time of excitement in the Jack Ross Era. Phil is categorically the right man to lead us to promotion, but he doesn’t quite have the same style does he?

If the coat fits……. perhaps just see if Jack left owt behind?

THE ACTION….. Behind closed doors games tend to start slowly? Slow is not something you could aim at Dembele? He looks absolute lightening?

3.04 – save…. Clarke-Harris drags rebound wide, should be 0-1

3.05 – anything their best player can do, ours can too? The king really should score

3.07 – decent save from Dembele free kick

3.10 – Dembele, great cross and another good save

Its like basketball!

30 minute review….. Phil taken his Bus Drivers Coat off. We also seem to have slowed them down a bit. I’d like to see Scowen on corners after his set piece masterclass vs Villa school children? Maguire been shite again…. but we all know he’s the man who can do something special?

3.37 – The King falls over and can’t continue, he’s replaced by O’Brien….

“Fill your boots Aiden, if you score, I’ll make sure your missus gets free bus travel all week”

Half time…..

Sunday Muddy Sunday

We’ve done ok, Hume and O’Nien both have the beating of their full backs. Delivery mixed, but if we score – it’ll come from a cross by either of these?

Pace…… Whilst I’ve not, (to date), played professional football. In the days when I graced the knavesmire, The Stray, Hackney Marshes & Hendon, as a ball playing centre half, the thing that scared the life out of me was pace! We have lacked it for years…. we have good ball players, for this level Willis and Wright are technically fantastic – but oh to just run at teams in the way Dembele did first 20 minutes today?

BIG 45 minutes…… same as last week please boys…. 2 second half goals would be perfect ⚽️⚽️

45-55 minutes – really good. We might lack pace, but we are at our best when use our fitness to create intensity. The last 10 minutes akin to the jan/Feb periods of play that blew teams away? Win today 100%

GARY BENNETT – Love him, he’s a legend etc…. but his negativity is adding to my misery of missing the matches. 

55-70 minutes – momentum lost, they look more likely to score?

80 minutes – definite penalty. Grant had a good game so far…….

GET IN (* no dogs were harmed in the making of this video)

Big few minutes…….Peterborough don’t deserve to lose, but couldn’t give a shit about that….. keep a clean sheet and you don’t lose ⚽️


Great Result – ‘IN PHIL SAFCBlog Trusts’
“Large Doner pal, the fucking works, I’m celebrating,(no cucumber or tomato please”

Great result…. I’m missing my Matchday though, I really, really am….

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