Sunderland win at Accrington again….

Sunderland Win At Accrington

9 months ago we’d never played at Accrington, today was my 4th visit to see SAFC play there! As with Portsmouth, there’s only so much to write about a team and a trip to their ground…… with this in mind, I’ve decided to go picture heavy, with today’s match review.


Sunderland Win At Accrington
Go West…..Where the skies are blue….”
Sunderland Win At Accrington
The long and winding road…… lead me to Accrington…”
Whilst not as good as Yorkshire…. Lancashire is beautiful
“Nothing to see here….. just a pony drawn cart”

With time on our side, SAFCBlog decided to stop for a coffee at the wonderful Dick Turpins Cafe on the A59 somewhere near Skipon…..

Bit harsh?????
Exciting times in Skipon….. the internet has arrived…… swipe right or left, you decide?


Head to The Crown as usual, watch The Mags lose on TV, quick pint, pre match meal……

SAFCBlog….. sadly, you are what you eat!?
Sunderland Win At Accrington
Bizarrely after farce of getting into the ground for the recent cup game, today was fine.


After going 1-0 down, we were soon 3-1 up, with three decent goals. A bit bizarre thereafter, Accrington are really poor, (going down with Wimbledon and Bolton I’d say?). Ultimately we won comfortably, but we were poor 2nd half, it almost had the feel of a pre season friendly? Would have loved Grigg to have scored his last minute chance, he’s clearly a confidence player? Keep going Will…. it’ll come right soon. SAFCBlog always been a fan of Jack Ross….. but I’d like to see substitutions a bit sooner? Accrington had two of the world’s tallest men in defence….. yet we persisted with the big punt forward, it concerns me slightly that we only seem to have a Plan A? But….. job done and 3 points, which ultimately is all that really matters!

Welcome to League 1
Sunderland Win At Accrington in the sunshine
As always – a great turnout
‘When you’ve got the match at 3 pm and wedding reception at 7 pm
GMP WPC calendar, coming soon……
Sunderland Chris Maguire at Accrington
Decent shift…… great work for the 3rd goal


3 points safety in the bag and Home for 6.15pm…. piece of piss this winning in Lancashire? No Sat Nav, or hapless driver issues this time around….. stunning scenery.

Sunderland Win At Accrington
“And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountain green?”
“And did the countenance divine
Shine forth on clouded hills?”
Sunderland Win At Accrington
“I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand”
“Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land”


Sunderland manager Jack Ross after 3 - 1 win at Accrington
Not quite in the Pep Grey Cardigan category, but jack loves this merino number? John, (bus driver), Coleman was never going to trouble Jack today

Onwards and upwards.

See you Tuesday night



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