Sunderland win at Oxford

Sunderland win at Oxford

Oxford United 0 Sunderland 1

Another great result and another clean sheet. I’ll look at the performance in more detail tomorrow, but to fit in with SAFCBlog remit, here’s a brief review of the day before the day is over.

Journey south

Another local derby and an absolutely shite forecast – to be fair the journey was fine, certainly nowhere near as bad as the Shrewsbury Storm.

Wetter than an otters pocket
SAFC Blog breakfast ahead of the Oxford game
Jalapeños wrapped in chorizo and scotch eggs – breakfast of champions
League 1 is pretty depressing, League 2 looks worse? No surprise that Bradford lost at Cambridge looking at the state of their team coach?
Heading to Oxford to watch Sunderland win 1 - 0
All roads lead to Oxford……

Oxford 0 Sunderland 1

Going to look in detail at the match tomorrow – but what a great win. 

We were immense at the back, just one defensive error all day, when Flanagan got the wrong side of his man – but the back 5 were brilliant. Injury to Wright a concern as it sounds a bad one – he is absolute class – the leader we’ve been missing for the last 18 months and next years captain? 

Man of the match for me was Willis – he must have won 30 headers? 7 clean sheets in 8 games, that’s less trips to the laundrette than Pip Schofield’s missus with the bedding?

The backing from yet another sold out away end was tremendous, what’s even better is that this group of players seem to really appreciate it.

Sunderland win at Oxford
Having an end missing, it always seems to be windy at Oxford? Today the conditions were brutal,4

Whilst the quality of the next clip is pretty shite – it sums up the day perfectly…..

438 miles in the car? A storm? JOB DONE⚽️⚽️


Proper match review tomorrow with player analysis and ratings etc…. Parkinson back to wearing his shit school shoes again – although to be fair, his Christmas Suede Boots would have got ruined today?

Blowy as fuck today. JOB DONE. This songs for my Northumberland Mentor…..

Steve Parkin and Phil Parkinson Sunderland AFC
Proper review tomorrow……

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