Sunderland win at Sheffield United

Driving to Away games is an absolute pleasure, as the scenery is mint – few weeks time and it’ll be dark, all the more reason to enjoy the wonderful views on the way to Sheffield …..

sunderland on the way to sheffield united
Shine on you crazy diamond….”
sunderland at sheffield united
“In a parrallel universe…. this would be a serious photo? In reality…. an idiot with a beard is desperate for a piss stop!
Sheffield a great city; seen some great gigs there……
Halal…. is it meat you’re looking for?”

Joking aside…. ‘Hello” , by Lionel Richie is an absolute classic for people of a certain age? None of this fat spurs type warbling on……

I understand it’s not over til she sings? But…… she’s had a few Stella’s and cleared her throat……..?”

Sheffield a great city – it’s not that far from Rochdale, (home of SAFCBlog Ambassador Anna Friel)…..

Having arrived in Sheffield…..


  • Stunning goal from Max.
  • Pretty comfortable
  • Luke nearly makes it 2-0
  • Having had shite keepers for years, we now have 2 decent keepers
  • Win 1-0…. job done
  • Another away draw! Oxford away – we’ll beat them?


Sunderland Win At Sheffield United
The magic of the cup
Sunderland Win At Sheffield United
Job done….

SAFCBlog has always backed Jack Ross…… this blog is not my main job, yesterday I purchased a couple of items to wear for my proper job, it was joked that they were “a bit Jack Ross…..?”

“Im tight with you Jack….
I’m with you all the way Jack…… can’t believe these managers who turn up in tracksuits?”
JACKSUIT Sunderland Win At Sheffield United
Whooooooahhhhh….. game changer? Jack looks like he’s done a trolley dash at Sports Direct?”

Having celebrated Jacks clobber for a while…. the “Tracksuit” has thrown SAFCBlog.


All evening away days end in the same way…… a kebab; tonight was the best of the season so far……

Kebabs after sunderland win at sheffield united
Don’t fancy yours much?”
chicken and doner kebab after sunderland win at sheffield united
Food porn
chicken and doner kebab after sunderland win at sheffield united
“Man 1 … Food 0”

We go again Saturday……

See you there