Sunderland win at Tranmere

Sunderland win at Tranmere

Sunderland win at Tranmere

Yet another trip to the North West, this is our 7th visit this season – the omens are good though, the 6 games have yielded 4 wins and 2 draws. There was absolutely no reason not to feel confident of another North West Win.

As with any midweek trip west the traffic was terrible.

M62 midweek – no fun whatsoever

Manchester is a great city, there’s not really much point carrying on to Liverpool unless you are off to watch the football or play golf around Southport. Whilst I’m fully aware that the coordinates on the map don’t change, it always surprises me how far liverpool is,

Liverpool- absolutely miles away
£1.80 to go through a tunnel – surely that’s what Road tax pays for?

Tranmere v Sunderland The match…….

No matter how many purpose built stadia you visit on retail parks….. nothing beats a night under the lights at a proper ground?

The only change for Sunderland is Bailey Wright replacing Ozturk. Whilst Ozturk is not the best passer of the ball, he’s never let us down and has done well during our recent good run. He wasn’t on the bench, so he’s either injured or off elsewhere, time will tell I guess?

It’s been well documented that the pitch at Prenton Park isn’t very good, to be fair it was better than it looks on TV. Whilst grass is at a premium, it was rolled and firm, so thankfully not quite the mudbath we’d been told to expect.

1st HALF….

Like many others, I’ve watched a lot of football over the years. Whilst time numbs pain – I’m not sure I’ve seen a worse 45 minutes of football? Wright missed a mirror image of the chance that Ozturk missed at MK Dons and they had a free kick that wasn’t very good.

Tuesday night in January and miles from home……. fantastic turnout as always
Sunderland win at Tranmere
A crap free kick – as good as it got in the 1st 45 minutes.


I don’t normally review half time, but we have come out much better in the 2nd half the last month or so. 

It’s been mentioned so many times, but FITNESS has to be a key factor in our improved 2nd half performances? It’s the reverse of the Jack Ross era, where we were always worse 2nd half and generally knackered after 70 minutes. 

Half time was also notable for the catering facilities, there were 4, (yes 4), bars – I don’t normally partake in half time refreshments, but took advantage of the situation and had 3 swift bottles of lager, (remember kids – drinking is not big or clever and as the 2nd half report will display – it’s fraught with danger…..)

Sunderland win at Tranmere
Pictures – better than words?

Tranmere v Sunderland 2nd Half

9pm…………. 🍺🍺🍺
9.15pm………… please drink responsibly!

We were much better in the 2nd half and completely dominated. A Charlie Wyke header was enough to secure the points……

Charlie Wykes winning goal,13

SAFC Blog verdict

Job done, Sunderland win at Tranmere – we go again Saturday

SunderLad alternative commentary – Tranmere Rovers vs Sunderland AFC

Highlights courtesy of the genius that is @LadSunder – now also on Youtube!

A great win which keeps the momentum going, as Parky said… it was never going to be pretty tonight? It was once again refreshing to see us come out better after half time. A few thoughts…

  • We deserved to win
  • Really good debut for Wright
  • Charlie Man of the Match for me
  • Grinding our results is a fantastic skill to have
  • Fitness is absolutely everything! 
  • Once again the ref was dreadful, the 2nd yellow for their sending off was soft, (clever play by Dobson to be fair), but he missed some shocking challenges? He could quite easily have given them 3 straight reds. 

As always an enjoyable trip, I’d love Tranmere to survive, but it’s hard to see? They are 6 points adrift and offered very little other than physicality. MK Dons are the team above them and whilst it’s a small sample size of only having seen them both twice, but MK Dons look a much better team than Tranmere Rovers.

One final thought……our fans rightly receive a lot of plaudits. It doesn’t directly affect my life, but in 3 of the last 4 away games there has been fans on the pitch celebrating goals and flares were set off at Doncaster and MK Dons. 

We might well live in a snowflake, PC world…. but these incidents will be in the safety officers report. I reiterate it will be such a shame if our allocation for a potential promotion decider at Rotherham on the last day is cut and there are seats covered in black netting rather than occupied by Sunderland fans? 

Whether you think such incidents are tinpot, ultra, daft, brilliant etc…… nothing good can come of it? I concede I’m a grumpy old bastard – I grew up watching away games when it was proper nasty at times and the police treated fans as such. The reality now is that the police in charge of lifting those guilty after going through the CCTV, are our own coppers – good lads, mostly Sunderland fans! 

Portsmouth review online tonight.


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