It’s Saturday….. it’s 3pm….. it’s the Day We Play The Game…..

Is Sunderland's season over

It’s Saturday, It’s 3 pm, It’s the day we play the game

It’s Saturday…. ✅ 

It’s 3pm…. ✅ 

It’s Matchday…. ❌

Is Sunderland's season over
“Take me down to the paradise city., where the grass is green, and the girls are…….”

Is Sunderland’s season over?

I just cannot see any other outcome than the season being voided. 

The Premier League say they will finish, where there’s money, there’s a way? The options available to explore for the Premiership and UEFA, are very different to the options for the EFL. I don’t think Man City Vs Liverpool, will happen behind closed doors in Quatar…. but it could happen? I’m not so sure that Fleetwood Town Vs Burton Albion, has the same pulling power? 

I think the Champions League will be played to a conclusion, but that’s not many games – it might even happen that, this seasons remaining European knockout fixtures, become, next seasons European Competitions.

Whilst it could be up to 4 years til SAFC are in the Champions League….. Massive Lads Fan, Jordan Henderson holds the current trophy, it’s kept at his dads gaff in Farringdon

Sunderland Vs Shrewsbury Town….

We are in League 1 because we deserve to be, I enjoy going to watch Sunderland play, whoever the opposition. Whilst I couldn’t give a shit about Shrewsbury, their fans do seem to be an unusual breed, with a higher than average proportion of knobbers.

We’d have beaten them today no bother, we actually owe them one for the 0-1 down there, when we battered them and they scored a goal because Burge got his studs stuck in the ground.

‘Shrewsbury- fucking miles away – and shite once you get there’

What’s good about no footie?

I’m really not sure there is anything positive?

Clutching at straws, but I suppose…the 5 missing aways are 1366.6 miles and a few hundred quid of diesel not spent?
SAFC Blog loves a kebab
Really clutching at straws, but I suppose…. 5 aways = 5 of these beauties, which are apparently not that good for you?

It’s just a game…..

Indeed, a beautiful game – but just a game. Who knows when normality will return….




Is Sunderland's season over

3pm Saturday…… no footie…..just think how good it’ll be when it does come back?⚽️💜✅

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