Sup Up Your Beer and Collect Your Fags……

…… aside from being one of the best lines ever written…. the truth couldn’t be further away, we aren’t allowed in the pub, if we were there would be no need to depart as the match is off….

“OFF?????” “SAFCBlog Favourite Major Gowen is shocked by the postponement…..”

We all know the world has gone fucking mad…. most of us know the best programme on TV is The Chase…..last night Bradley mocked an Italian accent along the lines of them all being Mafioso, tonight he mocked the Welsh accent on the basis of them all being from the valleys etc….. not the kind of thing to offend me. I do have an Indian friend, (Abdul who owns the Ali Raj), but imagine if ITV sanctioned Bradley mocking an Indian or Caribbean accent???? Just saying like…. all accents matter👍

Winter Break……

Historically a Winter Break was often touted as an idea, the main sticking point was knowing when it was going to snow, nowadays it just rains instead. SAFC don’t play til 29 December, they can’t train til 27 December – this is far from ideal. Whilst playing footie doesn’t seem like a proper job, when you are primed and match fit, stuff like this matters. We’ve already seen an upsurge in hamstrings and muscular injuries, due to the current schedule. Whilst we are one of the biggest clubs in world football, realistically there’s got to be a real concern as to whether L1 will be played to completion? Another 3 clubs catch COVID and the schedule starts to look a challenge? Historically we don’t do well with games in hand…. tend to draw them 1-1?

Old school rain = snow…..snowman, (3rd right), shite… but not £4 million worth of shite?

Carry On League 1…..

Carrying On is the preferred option, aside from 5 days around Santa’s Birthday, when you can’t catch the virus… it isn’t looking good? Jobs fucked til March / April it seems?

This Saturday Last Year…..

…… we were due to play Bury, sadly they are no more. I dread to think how many will have joined them a year from now? I tend to miss the Saturday before Xmas game due to SAFCBlog Warm Weather Training, seems like light years away? At present I’d genuinely consider a trip to NE Nigeria to the Boko Haram Country Club! 

“Evening kind sir, no issue with the All inclusive package being beers and local spirits only, what’s the situation as regards premium ice lollies…. magnums, zoom, fab and the like?”

Boko Harem AFC 1 vs Winter Sun Wanderers 1, (AL Qaeda 10, T Cook 72)

Saturday tomorrow…… no football, pubs shut, going to piss it down all day….. living the dream. Thankfully it’s almost 21 December / AJ@SJP Day, my best ever Matchday ⚽️💜



Fuck all to see here til circa April 2021…..

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