Sup up your beer and collect your fags…

Sup up your beer and collect your fags


Another day with nowt to do, might as well write something for the blog. At the end of episode 4, cracks were perhaps showing when Charlie got the hump with a perfectly valid question on a podcast. It’s a shame that the series didn’t go on a few more months, as we’d have really seen the shit hit the fan?

It’s a TV programme, it’s edited etc, we know that, but…. episode 5 sees a shift from knights in shining armour, to an awful lot of focus on the numbers. It’s hard to dislike Stewart Donald’s demeanour, I thought we’d go up, I hoped we’d go up, I had a few quid on us going up. Despite my opinion, optimism and small wager – I knew only too well, there was every chance we wouldn’t go up. To hear SD say, “we need to go up” and “you can get carried away with how good it feels”, rings alarm bells in comparison to my hopes for promotion.


Before we know it we’ve got a Wembley final in the diary. Wembley ticketing is always a nightmare, whilst we had 23’000 ish season ticket holders, 40’000 tickets isn’t enough to please everyone. It’s just a product of going to Wembley, 

Portsmouth aren’t a particularly big club and they get tiny crowds compared to us… and they had the same issues. Had we lost to Bristol Rovers, they’d have sold 40’000 tickets despite getting 7’000 for most home games? It’s just they way it is with Wembley. I can only speak for myself, but any dealings I ever have with Chris Waters or the ticket office are handled really well.

Sunderland 2 Portsmouth 2, (After Extra Time)

This was my 6th game of the month, with 1900 miles covered, (entirely my choice), the league is the priority etc…. but…. a trip to Wembley is exciting…..

Mother’s Day checklist….. beer ✅ tickets ✅ Racing Post ✅
Wembley in the sunshine – lovely

Episode 5 showed plenty of the match, there’s no benefit me retelling this, just a couple of observations….

  • The footage of the players arriving in London was great to watch
  • As usual we were better in the 1st half than the 2nd half
  • McGeady was class
  • Wyke’s lay off to set up 2nd goal was superb 
  • No criticism can be levelled at anyone missing, (having the balls to take one), in a penalty shoot out. 
“Disappointing weekend Jack?”……”och I wudnae say that, the shops are bangin dawn london – I gor ma sel a new coat, so I cannae grumble ya see wee lassie”
Wembley to Accrington in 3 sleeps

There was always a worry that Wembley would derail us / be a distraction – no such worries, the reaction at Accrington and Rochdale was brilliant. Episode 6 will remind us just how much it was in our own hands with 7 games to go. 

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STEWART…..I can see what the vision was, I can see you care

CHARLIE….. ‘we are English and poor….we are the kind of people who voted for Brexit’

Once upon a time you dressed so fine,…………

Ahh you’ve gone to the finest schools,………..

“Ah you never turned around to see the frowns……..

“When you ain’t got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose, you’re invisible now………

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