Thought of the day #11…..TGI FRIDAY

It’s Friday….. for those that can sleep tonight, it’s just 1 sleep until the Red & White Wizards of Wonderland take to the pitch.

“Noon?”, “Coventry away?” “You can stick that up your arse pal..”, “I watch the politics round up with Andrew Marr on a Sunday morning….”
TGI Friday Steve Parkin Sunderland Assist M
“Yeah, under the Pátio pal…. I took his teeth out first though….”

Living for the weekend….

“Steven, how about we stop at that new Costa coffee on the A19 at Thirsk on the way home, I’ll treat you to a caramel slice”….”no thankyou kindly Phil, I’ve got a bag of gravel and a dead otter in the back of the van…..”

Going to watch Sunderland play football is absolutely fucking mint. What’s not to enjoy?

For a decade plus, the product on the pitch has been mostly shite…. SAFCBlog has nowt better to do, but for years the thought of 3pm Saturday was…….

*It’s like going to work, it’ll be shite but I’m obliged to go?

*If I miss the odd game, I’ll break the cycle and it’ll provide an argument for not going?

*It’s better than being in prison?

So….. it’s not always filled me with joy to know it’s 1 sleep til footie…… but, wow, it’s been fucking mint the last few months,


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