Thank Goodness it’s Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday

Thank Goodness It’s Friday

I love Fridays…… early finish, early doors beers, decent TV and it’s almost match-day ⚽️

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Forget all of that, it could be the thick end of a year til we can go to the match, but the time will come.

‘The SOL….. The Pub….. The City……The Match’

Staying Positive

SAFCBlog is built on positivity, new month today, so I guess that’s good? There was every chance we’d have been facing the play offs, so I guess not playing at all is better than that?


I knew I liked football, the last 6 weeks has hit home just how much I think about and talk about football. Thankfully the 90 minutes is just a part of it, so the fires still keep burning. No games, but there’s always something;

There’s loads of opinions and lots being written about the final point. 

First and foremost, it’s totally unfair, there’s some bonkers ideas and theories being touted. When we came bottom of the Championship, the phrase, ’you get what you deserve over 46 games’, was often touted. I can’t argue with that and therein lies the problem? A match is 90 minutes long, the season is 46 games long and so on…… if the season cannot be concluded it has to be voided 100%? It’s just not acceptable to award prizes that have not been earned? 

Yes we all know Liverpool were going to win the league – but sport is played to a conclusion….. when the Mags were loads of points clear under Keegan, when Leeds are top at Christmas every year, when Man Utd go into the 90th minute of the European Cup 1-0 down…… football only works played to a conclusion. When Man City beat Burton 9-0 in the first leg of the League Cup semi final – we all knew they were through? Yet you’d never hear Pep saying, we’re home and dry or Nigel Clough saying, let’s not bother with the 2nd leg.

Seems to really be kicking off north of the border? Whilst in pole position to win the league,  Celtics could easily have capitulated? They’re not even that Scotch?

Harsh on the best player in the land – I’m sorry Jordan
Leeds United – Zero Bottle
Game of opinions as always – but I’d give it to Rangers by virtue of them having won more titles in the past?

Leaving Lockdown

When the time comes, it’s going to be a tough transition. As a community we’ve done a decent job as regards being kind etc – just remember it doesn’t end with being able to go out. There’s loads out there who are actually suited to have decision and pressure taken away, sometimes the easiest things are the hardest to do? I’m not there now, but I have been down that road – so let’s all continue the right thing moving forward.

‘We’ve all got a little bit of this in our locker?’

Pre Season Misery

It’s bad enough not having a football season, but no pre season is a disaster! Whilst the games are shite, meaningless affairs, akin to a training session. Realistically it could be as much as 5 to 6 years til we qualify to play in Europe – pre season gives the opportunity to bumble about Germany, Portugal or even Scotchland……

‘Watching sunderland = Good’ ———- ‘Watching Sunderland in the sunshine = Better’


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