That friday feeling….. huge day tomorrow for sAFC

Aiden McGeady

That Friday Feeling….Huge Day Tomorrow for SAFC

We live in a world of media overload, (I’m as guilty as anyone). 

My radio station of choice in the car is TalkSport – this morning Jim White dedicated the second hour of his show, to the McGeady/McDonalds/McMess story – usual lazy journalism; one presenter on each side of the fence, and a load of calls from Sunderland fans. Whilst it’s only a snapshot of opinion, (and obviously the opinion of those who ring up radio stations), the on air conclusion was, it’s OK to eat burgers and Parkinson has lost the dressing room?

For me, that’s absolute bollocks, I actually couldn’t care less if the lads have the odd burger, it’s not relevant to the metabolism of a professional athlete. The whole burger situation is a smokescreen really? It seems to me that Aiden and Chris have been outed as a pair of wrong uns?

SAFC a rotten core or one bad apple?

“I’m about as fat as this, but I’m not a professional footballer” – “Yep, I should be free from January onwards…..”

Eating a takeaway is neither here nor there, drinking lucozade and eating chocolate on the bus is no better – it’s more the act than the action. Loads of footballers smoke fags, and why not… but not in public. The McDonalds trip was, misjudged, a bit daft and a bit arrogant?

“Celebrity first dates – starts January 31st on Channel 4”

So, if it’s no big issue having a takeaway – it’s matter closed then? Is it bollocks…..

  • For years we have been scratching our heads as to why are we so shit, given our squad etc?
  • CM told us the piss take party was about to stop?
  • Whilst the clubs investigation will get to the root of it, it seems like a couple of senior players, (maybe pictured above), May have been divisive and intimidatory in the dressing room? This is disgusting if true?
  • Whilst the vibe on the radio today was…. they are our best players, Parkinson is shit etc – well here’s a thought….. this is definitely the only evidence I’ve seen that the piss take party may be reaching last orders?
  • Both the players in question have arguably provided our best moments in the last 18 months, (it’s a very low bar), but only occasionally….. it could be argued that’s why they are in the 3rd tier, it may also run deeper than that?
“Only takes a few of these to fuck up an entire fruit bowl?”

It’s clear lots have decided that the jobs fucked, well it’s not! The job could just be getting a whole lot better?


Dressing room vintage

I really, really hope we can win tomorrow, it would be such a boost in so many ways both on and off the pitch, come 3 pm a win is all that really matters, the opinions and media can kick in to action come 5 pm – but from 3 til 5 pm, it’s very much real life.

Less than a day to go!

Wouldn’t be SAFCBlog without a bit of relevant,(ish), music. There’s 2 Lennon’s in my life…..


Lennon #1
Lennon #2….. “everyone is talking, but no one makes a sound…..”

Just the one Dylan in my life though, was the boys name, but girls only here; which is fine – obviously I’d have liked to have a son play for Sunderland, but it’s maybe for the best eh?

Anyway, 3 points tomorrow would be massive – it wouldn’t fix everything, but it would at least provide some shelter from the storm?


I’m clearly in a, (very small), minority – but I’m right behind Phil Parkinson, however the next few months pan out – his outing of the rotten core is the most positive act at the club in a long time.

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1 thought on “That friday feeling….. huge day tomorrow for sAFC

  1. At last a manager with some balls to get rid of player power.
    I didn’t rate PP when he arrived , to be honest the results so far have made me think he is a waste of space and not up to the job. Previous managers have been done over by players , I take my hat off to PP for taking this stance, good luck to him and our team.

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