“That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore…..” – Accrington in Preview

In 1989 the Milk Marketing Board, (surely if you want a drink of milk, you’ve already decided to have said drink?), did an advert about some young scouse kid having a drink of milk and making a joke about Accrington Stanley. I didn’t really get the joke at the time, I still don’t if I’m honest, but it probably ticked the boxes about the Chirpy Liverpool, (shit version of Manchester), 80s folk?

Glamourising Benefit Fraud not really my bag

“Who’s Who?…..”

“A bang average squad who are looking like securing a 4th consecutive season in League 1, previously unchartered territory, but to their credit, whilst they haven’t really looked like making the step up to the Championship, they do look comfortable in the 3rd tier. To be fair to them I’m not sure any of their squad are anything better than League 1 players?” ….. similar situation at Accrington, who are 8 points behind us after 42 games, (just give that snippet of info a moments thought)

“Big Six Sycophantic Shithouse Super League Bellend Club….”

“Ermmmmmm, it’s off”

What about the match?…..

No idea, probably win? SAFCBlog predicts … SAFC 2 vs ASFC 0.

Debbie Harry
SAFCBlog – Division 3 media – FTM

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