“The Calm before the Calm….Shelter from the Storm”…. Plymouth Away

Two years ago today we were losing at Fleetwood Town, it didn’t matter though as it was the penultimate game of a long season, even after the distraction of trip to Wembley to play in the Tinpot Cup Final, it mattered not as we were far too big for this league, it was only a 1 year sabbatical in the 3rd tier…… without being too negative, two years on, we are in a similar position, but without the same level of optimism. But…. we are headed to the play offs, we are playing shite, but it’s not like we have to play Man City or PSG in the playoffs – there’s absolutely no reason not to think we can win the playoffs?

Aside from playing ourselves, I don’t really fancy any of those?

There’s a much publicised Blackout today, I commented on it the other day. Any type of abuse, prejudice, bullying etc lacks class and is cowardly, anything to raise awareness can only be a good thing. Let’s hope the stance doesn’t just become lip service, Taking the Knee, offered a strong message, 12 months on I’m not sure it still does…. yes it’s still happening, but surely there’s now opportunities to educate and enlighten people in a different way? It’s almost as if the powers that be are scared to suggest it stops? The town I live in isn’t particularly diverse, although I know few black lads at the gym, (not really relevant but one of then was a Premiership footballer), the conversations and debates I’ve had with them on the matter have been much more informative than Martin Tyler reading the same generic line every Saturday at 2.59pm. Raising awareness of an issue is hugely positive, now that everyone is aware, there must be an opportunity to move this forward and educate people to initiate change?

I use Twitter, I like it, I’ve made some good contacts, I’ve had some laughs, I’ve even launched a business – it can of course be negative at times, even poisonous, but just like in real life I just disassociate from the dicks. I started writing this blog after losing my dad, whom I used to go to matches with, some prick was sending me messages about my dead dad and Sunderland being shit, (both accurate points to be fair), I just ignored and blocked – just in the same way I’d not go back to a pub I didn’t like. Where this falls down is, it’s not real life, it’s a platform, a stage and in real life you have to have something about you to take to the stage, I’d reckon the anonymous individual who messaged me wouldn’t have said it to me in person, I’d also reckon he’s continued in the same vain online, there’s no accountability though, the consequences don’t exist…..

The info is out there, if the SM companies wanted to they could identify people….
Until this happens nowt will change……
The SM companies are cash machines, they need users, they make money from users, do they really want to sanction people?
It’s just fucking lip service…..

So lots of organisations are having a weekend off social media, for me it’s the wrong way round? It should be the provider having a weekend off, when Boris said, “please don’t go to the pub if you feel poorly”, people still went, when Boris said, “the pubs are shut”, people didn’t go. I don’t follow the official club SM, it’s not my bag, but those who do and want to watch a Press Conference every Thursday, to hear that, “Bailey Wright has picked up a knock in training and is a doubt for the weekend”, are ultimately the ones missing out on their fix.

Stopping abuse is impossible and unrealistic, Controlling abuse is very doable for the SM companies, in the real world if you stop someone doing something bad, whilst you can educate them, realistically they will often do said bad thing again. Online it’s easier, the faceless cowards would in most cases stop if they were held accountable…. it’s not fucking hard, the data is out there…. Warn them and then go and smash their fucking doors in with one of those big metal enforcers….. I’d bet a grand to a bucket of piss that most of the brave perpetrators on SM would stop their actions? For this to happen the SM companies have to take charge, I don’t read newspapers but I’m sure they are all right behind this weekends campaign? The hypocrisy is comical.

Online abuse won’t stop, but it could certainly be controlled if the SM companies really wanted to, they will have the resources to educate and sanction perpetrators, for me punishing people, will always carry more power than asking them if they’d be so kind to stop?

Todays Game, (for anyone still reading)…..

Anyway, we have a match today and for the reasons outlined SAFCBlog, (one of the top 10 independent SAFC fansites), will be reporting as always, I’m appalled by online abuse, but me not writing about this meaningless division 3 game today is not relevant to the issue. I’ve already spent too much time talking about the virtual world, in the real world I’d be in Plymouth now..

madness really – but like a few thousand others I wish I was there
5/1 Plymouth doesn’t look the worst price ever???


22 minutes….. first action of note, lovely ball from Gooch and a composed finish giving us a reason to believe from Rod Stewart, he looked offside but the linesperson was perfectly placed, so he must have been onside…. 1-0 ⚽️ We are in need of a morale boosting win, today is a perfect opportunity as Plymouth are absolutely dogshite.

40 minutes….. about 5 weeks ago this was looking like the game we might seal automaton promotion, it’s not, it’s a nothing game really – but we are winning and we will win 2 or 3 nil I’d reckon, if the first 40 minutes are anything to go by….it’s all about momentum now, we can’t win promotion today – all we can do is win the game, which will ultimately enhance our promotion credentials

44 minutes…. decent save from Burge

45 minutes….. for the second consecutive Saturday Jack Diamond shows how good he is at running very fast in a straight line, good move and Gooch unlucky not to score as he rattles the post

Half time….. win today no bother, Plymouth are crap…. the Championship Charge hath Commenth

Gooch. > Stewart > GOAL

2nd Half….

55 minutes….Plymouth are awful, although they won at the SOL, they are not as bad as Wigan, who’ve also beaten us twice. Yes, we haven’t been playing well, but in a couple of weeks we have an opportunity to get promoted, an ugly bird can win a beauty contest if the rest of the entrants look worse…. Ha’Way lads….. let’s just get promoted….. change the entire squad and then get promoted again, I started today’s article with reference to playing away at Fleetwood 2 years ago today…. fast forward 2 years…. Arsenal, United, City, Spurs… who knows?

They go down to 10 men…. they score from piss poor defending …..Maguire smashes a penalty home….. a few games left, just play Maguire eh? He can be told off in June…. winning 2-1, we are as good as up I’d reckon ⚽️👍🔴⚪️⚫️

playoffs it is….. delighted to win today, I’m also very excited that within the next few weeks we will be at the SOL, we were much the better side today… a late goal from Hume makes it 3-1….. let’s just win the playoffs eh? Onwards and upwards.

See you in the Championship👍

nice idea……imagine everyone just being nice from now on?
50 years ago… As I say nice ideology, but without actions, sadly it really means nothing….
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