The Championship Next Season

Must be August soon?”

Long Summer

Ha’way SKY please stop this, please.

Luton Town

Yes they have a shit ground, (not relevant though), well done to them on getting promoted. A lot of people, (myself included), questioned their footballing technique, to emphatically score 6/6 penalties on the biggest stage was hugely impressive.

Great photo.

I wasn’t really arsed who won, I’ve had a dislike for Luton fans since they behaved like absolute pricks on a few occasions vs York.

And there’s still Luton fans who reckon Matty Blair was offside??

Coventry fans are even bigger pricks though, so on balance I’m glad Luton won yesterday.

The Championship in August

With a few key signings there’s absolutely no reason for us not to win the league next season? The gulf between the top of the PL and the bottom is growing, although the gulf between the bottom of the PL and the Championship is lessening. All 3 promoted teams have stayed up with games to spare, 5 of the top 6 from the 2021/22 Championship season will be playing in the PL next season. Let’s go up, stay up and kick on, feel more positive than I have in years that the future is ours

Keep seeing lots of reports of how strong The Championship will be next season, I’m not having this. It looks like Leeds, Leicester and Southampton will come down, realistically all three will have new managers in August, (they’ve had 8 managers between the 3 of them this season too). All three look like complete basket cases, we know only too well the perils of coming down in turmoil? Plymouth will be looking to consolidate, Ipswich look ok, Wednesday or Barnsley will be looking to survive? We have nothing to fear, I’m already giddy for August. fixtures out next month, SAFCBlog Predicts …. Blackburn 🧙‍♀️ 🐈‍⬛ Away.


Sounds like he may be back next season?

Man’s Best Friend?

Fat brown dog free to any home, (DM for details)

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