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Good to win yesterday, Plymouth are rubbish, but we all know that’s far from any guarantee when it comes to securing the points.

Whilst it’s all about the next few weeks, let’s go back a few years to see how much things have changed……

“I’m pretty sure if I press this button, we will go back two years…..”

…… it’s May 2nd 2019…..

Sunderland are in division 3 about to embark on a playoff campaign, 2 years is a long time in football; Welcome to 2019…..

  • A few weeks ago after a credible draw at Peterborough, automatic promotion was in our own hands, although we’ve fucked it up by not being able to defend against piss poor teams
  • Whilst we can still gain promotion, opinion is spilt about the tactical nous of the gaffer
  • Ultimately too many draws have really cost us, we’ve drawn more games than anyone else in the division
  • We’ve had a long season after our run to the final of some Tinpot Trophy for Lower League Clubs, it looks to have taken its toll?
  • When Gooch plays well, we tend to play well, he’s going to be a really key man over the next few weeks
  • McGeady is struggling with a sore foot, he’s looking burnt out, but we need him to perform as we lack creative options
  • It looks like we will probably play Portsmouth over 2 games
  • Although inconsistent, Chris Maguire looks the man with the quality to win us games, he needs to be given more game time?

Back to now…. it’s May 2nd 2021….

isn’t it amazing how much can happen in 2 years??

Are we going up?

We don’t know, one of 4 bang average teams will go up, so we have a chance. I think we have more than a 25% chance, my main worry about a team going into a playoff campaign is if they find themselves there after the disappointment of a automatic slot being narrowly missed. On this occasion there’s no such team, all 4 Cubs have either known their fate for weeks, or will behappy to be involved. I’ve no idea what will happen, I don’t really feel I can make a particularly strong case for us as likely winners, but equally the other teams involved don’t exactly terrify me. Much has been made of Blackpool, there’s no reason to worry about them, we played them when we were at our worst and we probably deserved something from both games…. ultimately it doesn’t matter who we play, the fact no one is any good is a huge positive.

1 game to go…..

We’ll beat Northampton 100%, match preview as always sometime this week at the Bang Average

Chinese for tea tonight – living the dream

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All Black Bean Sauce aren’t We??

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