The season so far SAFCBlog SPZL, Part 2/12

Anyone with nothing better to do than read this shite, will be aware of the exciting new feature, that launched the day after we won at Stoke. In short, every 5 games I’ll review our season, what a time to be alive?

How much happens in a month?

4 weeks – nothing happened here 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Last time out, (4 weeks ago), we’d won just at Stoke and Alex Neil was our boss and I was tentatively started to fall in love with him. Four weeks on it transpires he’s a dick, although we’ve upgraded so he can get fucked, must have been a great to watch the non Costa Rican 0-0 thriller between Stoke and QPR yesterday?

Whilst the theme of this exciting feature is to assess our results & performances over each 5 game period, it would be folly to overlook the elephant in the room? Alex Neil decided to go and manage a smaller club, we’ve now got Big Tony, whilst it was an emotional process, I’m happy about the change.

The last 5 games…..

Norwich 0-1

We played well, we came up short due to not having a manager to make changes when it was fairly obvious they were taking control and due to score, whilst they weren’t great, lets not forget Norwich will get automatic promotion?

Rotherham 3-0

2nd half performance was very, very good – exactly the result and performance we needed.

Boro 0-1

We were shite 1st half, Boro not great, just not our night

Not a good night > move on

The understandable postponement of the Millwall game meant we had 3 consecutive aways, Reading and Watford over 3 days looked tough both travel and football wise? I’m generally fairly positive, but when the fixtures came out the thought of Reading and Watford away over a few days wasn’t great? Yes it was a league up, but geographically and football misery wise, the Cheltenham & Wimbledon away vibes from 7 months were very strong.

Losing at Cheltenham a few days after losing a home to Doncaster was a real tester, I normally brush myself down and go again? But there’s no way on earth I was wasting 15 hours of my life to drive about 510 miles on my own, when I’m busy as you like with work ❌ gave ticket to a pal in London, he’s happy it’s a win/win✅
What else is there to do on a Saturday?

Dedicated 15 hours, drove 510 miles on my own, blagged a ticket in home corporate through a work contact

Sometimes there’s a script / things happen for reason? Would I have got to fist pump a Womble in the away end? I’d say not? Turns out Reading and Watford are a different experience altogether….

Reading 3-0…… lovely

Watford 2-2 …… lovely

Doing Ok?

We are doing better than OK, the Championship is a mad league, my hope,(not expectation ), was we’d be competitive. It just feels very exciting, Sims off at 0-0 on Weds and 0-1/1-2 yesterday, recent history suggests we getting nowt? It’s often alluded to that the players need to match the passion and effort of the fans, we are in great position.

Dare to Dream?

Why ever not? Next 5 games look ok?

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