The Sound of Silence

Stewart Donald

The Sound Of Silence

“Smart jacket Dave…..” “yeah Jack Ross left it on the back of his chair, so I thought fuck it I’m having that – it’s got a soft fibre merino lining so it’s warmer than it looks”

World, Shut Your Mouth

Football is a bit messed up at the moment, especially in the lower leagues. Sadly we are a lower league team and are arguably more messed up than anyone else?

It would be inappropriate to focus on individuals, but in a purely hypothetical situation, if you choose the route of being a media whore, you have to take the rough with the smooth? Human nature dictates that it’s easier to take adulation than it is to face the music? Relationships at any level, be it personal or professional can also get to the stage where so many lies have been told, that there’s just no point saying anything?

Sunderland owners Charlie Methven
“Listen chaps, I like Northerners – but you wouldn’t understand the complexities of Southern Business Culture….. Comprendi?”
“Debt Free….. Free Debt? At the end of the day, they’re Northerners – they’re not going understand….”

Shaddap You Face

“Did we NEED to win this game more than we’ll ever know?”

WALLS COME TUMBLING DOWN…… There are always lots of degrees of separation; put very simplistically…….

Let’s take the starting point as A – Euphoria

  • Fanbase desperate for good times
  • Few cynics, it could be argued they are just negative, cynical twats equally it could be argued they are not fooled by everything that glitters being gold?
  • Bit of tension at line of questioning on podcasts
  • Few online spats with people really starting to question the regime
  • Pattern of unfulfilled promises starting to build
  • Online bickering 
  • Fan groups declare a mis trust in the regime

…….. now that’s obviously gone from being ideal to not ideal, but it’s manageable? Being purely objective and just looking at the events, I would think the following…..

  • The Telegraph pile into the story
  • The hugely respected Price of Football, explain what they think has happened 
  • The Athletic run a huge piece along similar lines

Whilst we can speculate about delayed accounts, misplaced tweets, tiffs at fan meetings etc – it is reasonable to suggest we are approaching Point B – it’s a right fucking mess.

None of this is my opinion, I don’t really have one – it’s just an account of the media surrounding the club observed from afar.

You say it best, when you say nothing at all?

There’s no point in our owner saying anything, the bridges have been burnt, recycled  and turned into coffee cups. Maybe it’s the time for someone to say something though? 

Recently appointed Non Executive Directors, Dave Jones and that fella who wears tweed have no baggage? Executive Director Dr Fox could also say something? I appreciate it’s difficult as there’s no point saying everything is ok, and there’s no fun or reward in saying, it’s a right fucking mess? But….. these things don’t go away?

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