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Printed Media is on its arse,(apologies to my fanzine friends), Social Media is huge and still very much in growth. Whilst I write an online blog, I’m not comfortable with the vitriol that Social Media attracts, I’m comfortable with, and all for opinions, the lack of accountability sadly makes the SM World quite an unpleasant place at times. But……. that’s the gig, we’d all love to be footballers or managers and the goldfish bowl is.just part of it? I’m not for one moment condoning the abuse, virtriol, lack of respect, but it’s sadly here to stay. As aforementioned, differing opinions, are healthy…… not only do our opinions differ, we all have different levels of tolerance, perspective, patience etc. I’d be the first to concede I’m on the positive side, (probably too much so at times), I love football…. for me I’m at the stage of life where it is just a game, I’m not a happy clapper and I do care, but just like I’ve  never booed at a match, I’m not comfortable with online abuse…….but we all approach it differently which is understandable and within certain parameters healthy.

Yesterday was a bad result, we were poor 1st half, we were slightly better 2nd half, but it wasn’t good. Our league position is ok, there’s no point ignoring that sections of our support want another change of manager. So many questions at present, thought I’d have a go at the answers…….

SAFCBlog favourite and absolute stunner Fiona Bruce
Seem to see the same old questions online, so let’s just look at the answers……

Q – “……………….. 8/10 cats?

A – Stats can say whatever  people want them to say…. yesterday we lost to a team who’d not won away in over a year….. we’ve not beaten 11 men in 8 games or we’ve beaten the top 2, our 10 game points total was our highest ever since 3 points for a win was introduced in August 1981…take your pick

I gave Twitter a miss last night, (as did a few others I know), even if I was online, I’d not vote in a poll about who was replacing our manager who is still in a job? So numbers can say what you want 

Q – “………………. lacking in quality?”

A – Hard to disagree with this, even the quality we have, (Gooch, Hume, Maguire), are inconsistent, (hence playing in L1). Sadly lots of the others lack real quality. My natural viewpoint is to look fondly on our players, I spend days travelling to watch them, I want to feel an affinity with them, I want to like them. Realistically the vast majority of the squad are, well L1 players? It seems that every team we play have someone who stands out, could the same be said of us?

We arguably have enough to get out of this league, but quality is not in abundance

Q – “…………usual lame excuses from him in the transfer window?”

A – We lack pace and creativity, that’s clear to see this season. It was also clear to see in the last 3 transfer windows. Quality costs money, we don’t spend money, the link between the two is not rocket science? When we did splash the cash we bought Will Grigg for an estimated 200% of his market value. I feel for the lad in a way, he looks sick as fuck – but his job is to score goals. Despite his demeanour I’m sure he is trying, does he want to be here? I don’t think so. Loaning out in January looks sensible and inevitable?

“Och aye Stewart, he isnae worth any more than that? He’s just noo worth it, ya Ken wae a mean wee man?”

Q – “…………….. out of form?”

A – Yes too many of them are, I touched upon our better players not playing particularly well. It’s bad enough when decent players have a dip, not wanting to single out Dobson and Power….. but when average players have a dip, it’s even worse?

Q – “…………… team selections?”

A – To an extent yes, but to be fair we’ve had a look at most of the squad this month, I’m not sure we have that many options. The decimation of our Academy is our owners biggest crime, I’m not sure Neil, Diamond, Embleton etc are able to influence games, Greenwood and Mumba probably could?

Q – “……………… in a fucking brothel?”

A – Denver at Rochdale, Graham at Charlton, Graham vs Mansfield, Grigg yesterday, we have missed an absolute raft of sitters this season? This is not the fault of anyone other than the individuals concerned in that moment?…

“The bar is rattled……. just nod the rebound in….?
“Should probably score from 4 yards?”
“Should probably hit the target from 3 yards?”
“Should probably hit the target from 2 yards?”
“Unbelievable Jeff”
“Should probably hit the target from 1 yard?”

Q – “……………….. Aiden McGeady?”

A – “categorically NO, 100% NO. Shocking attitude, divisive, a bully towards others  – just forget this one”

Q – “…………… with Kevin Phillips”

A – “Another definite NO, aside, from touting himself on TalkSport for a job that wasn’t available, forgetting that he effectively jumped ship all them years ago….. he has no managerial experience. Football is an emotional game, however emotional decisions are rarely prudent decisions? Just forget about this fairytale. The only tangible argument I’ve heard for him being our gaffer is, it’ll happen eventually, so we may as well get it out of our system.

Q – “…………..would be better, he  has to go?”

A – “I don’t agree that Parkinson has to go….. given the influence of Social Media, the spineless nature of our current owners and the prospect of a new majority shareholder, on balance it doesn’t look good for Phil. Doncaster and Fleetwood away are huge, 2 really tough games, ironically it was Donny away last year that changed the direction of things! It’s all about opinions, I want him to stay, although these 2 games will probably seal his fate either way? We then have 4 games that look winnable, (I know, I know, MK etc….). 

Q- “……………….. will make everything better?

A – “It won’t though will it?  Since Roy Keane left on 4th December 2008, (let’s call it 12 years), forgetting the 4 caretaker managers, we’ve had 12 permanent managers. 12, (twelve!!l)

  • Let’s take Sam out of the equation, (circumstances) and let’s discount DiCanio, (mentalist) and Coleman, (hopelessly out of his depth and clearly not up to managing a football team)
  • Sbragia, Bruce, O’Neil, Poyet, Big Dick, Moyes, Grayson, Ross, Parkinson……. all shit? Of course not. 
  • We have been an absolute Shitshow off the pitch for years, never more so than we are at the moment. It’s shite, it hurts, it’s depressing…… a quick fix it is not?
  • I didn’t want Jack to be sacked, I don’t want Phil to be sacked, but I’m realistic and I don’t think it’s the answer at present, I really don’t 
“But yes, I do have a plan B…..”

Q – “……………. like Paul Cook or Nigel Pearson”

 A – “Both decent managers, I’ve no issue with either, but we’d have them hounded out. The other week plenty were eulogising over Portsmouth, we’d have sacked Kenny Jackett last Autumn.

“Pearson – reckon he’s murdered?”(**)

Q – “Dear SAFCBlog, I disagree with lots of this, how can you write this shite.?”

A – “Football is beautiful, Sunderland are wonderful, it’s all about opinions, it would be boring if we all agree?”

SAFCBlog – No better than average Social Media – FTM

Ultimately we all want the same thing…….

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