Football is OFF…. Other Stuff is ON…..

Red Wine and Arepas Jordan Florit

Football is off….other stuff is on

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We’re all missing football, because football is brilliant. Most would agree that no football, creates a void in our lives? The irony of this is, an SAFC Matchday is my unhealthiest day of the week…. beer, kebab, stress – not exactly what rhe doctor would recommend…..

The Beautiful Game?

At least the summer won’t be ruined this year?

Sunderland at Wembley
Wembley = Shite

The Alernatives…….

As it stands we’re still encouraged to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Given none of us are going on holiday this summer, it’s just as well England is such a beautiful place… Seaburn and Hendon in December perfectly depict….

best beaches near Sunderland
“And did the Countenance Divine, Shine forth upon our clouded hills?”

Something for everyone…..

We’re all different, but we’re all for once pretty much in the same position. It’s a bit of a leveller I guess? Testing times for everyone, but I’ve resolved to somehow come out of the other side feeling good….. shit loads of time and shit loads of new stuff to try, whatever floats your boat……

Running….. Walking….. Gardening
Learn some yoga
Yoga…… yes Yoga, I’ve started recording a session on TV. Not quite able to stand on my head yet, but aiming to put my socks on without discomfort soon
Home End Tony Cole
Write a book……whilst it’s beyond the skills set of SAFCBlog – there’s some very clever folk out there..

Red Wine and Arepas Jordan Florit

Buy and read ‘Red Wine & Arepas’, by ‘Jordan Florit’

Write a Blog – it’s really not hard, just write a load of shite and publish it….. It’s therapeutic and if you don’t care if people read it and avoid becoming a ‘follow, retweet, like, share whore’, it’s good fun
Have a, (safe), Fire…….
Spend time with loved ones………

Just a few thoughts…

Anyway friends, stay safe, safe healthy, be kind and do the right thing.


Keeping hearing everything is off, off, off – time to get things ON…….

4 hours ago

@YfrontFanzine That hut ‘cannot’ be destroyed …..look mint in someone’s garden…

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RT @TheFalseLibero: ✒️In 13,500 words’ time, I will have finished writing ‘Red Wine and Arepas: How Football is Becoming Venezuela’s Religi……

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@SunderlandAFC @FortunaSittard Benjis up early?…

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