This Day 4 Years Ago…..

Sunderland v Everton

4 Years Ago Today

Sunderland v Everton

Today is the 11th May 2020, we are not playing games at the moment, when we eventually do it’ll likely be our 3rd season in League 1 …… 4 years ago today, having put 3 past Chelsea, we hammered Everton, (Lukaku, Stones, Baines, Mirallas, Barkley, Barry et al), 3-0 in front of 46’454 to secure a 10th consecutive season in the Premier League. 2 of our goals came from Kone, who we would turn down a bid of £20 million a few months later. Our gaffer was soon to get the national job, their gaffer is now the manager of Belgium……. fair to say it’s not gone that well the last 4 years?

Just a Great, Great Night

Four days previous, we’d beaten Chelsea and those idiots up the road had failed to beat a hapless Villa. We just needed to beat Everton and it was a job very well done. Having spent 237 days of the season in the bottom 3, Sam had found a way – we just needed to beat Everton.

Thankfully, like WBA 2 years previous, Everton may as well have have pitched up in flip flops, with a big cigar on? 

What’s Gone so Wrong?


  • England lose to Iceland
  • Sam gets England job
  • Short loses his mojo
  • In comes Moyes……

What really hurts is that it was such a waste? The team that beat Everton could have been mid table without any change of personnel? I’m a proud Englishman – I 100% back the decision of any club manager taking the England job – the fact he only lasted one game feels like we gave up everything for pretty much no reason?

The role of the written media in the National Game is a whole other discussion. The FA had to give Sam the job after the failings vs Iceland, like Redknapp and Clough they really won’t have wanted to appoint him – but they were over a barrel? I’m sure they will have given him the hard word? “Look Sam, we know the past, let’s park that. We’ll pay you a few million quid a year – just win some games and for fucks sake keep your powder dry?…”

“For Fucks Sake……”
“A bad night for the National Team, an even worse night for SAFC”

The Domino Effect…….

CHOOSE…… Dour Dave, stopped the rave, Dijilbodgi, fucking costly, wasted cash, car crash, Lescott, surely fucking not?, Everton reserves, less than we deserves, Weak as piss, another Borini miss, Fortress Stadium of light, don’t talk shite, Rimming John Terry, less than merry, Januzaj, weak as the weakest weak piss……..CHOOSE….. Championship nail this, no way weak as piss, Coleman, never had a plan, how fucking low, can we actually go?………CHOOSE League one, what’s going on, here comes the Don, selfie show, we know, debt free, not for me, dodgepots accounts, vague amounts, payments via parachute, as got no fucking loot, lips moving, nowt improving, draws a plenty, fucking twenty, Juan found, for a pound, truth will out, they’ve got no clout, play offs I wouldn’t choose, we always fucking lose, Jack Ross king of fashion, sadly lacks that bit of passion, sell Josh, for not much dosh, Ibiza beats, shiny seats, party piss take, who’s the fake, 100 points, lay off those joints, podcast, never last, shit suede shoes, play off blues, red socks, pair of cocks, Netflix, southern pricks, Will Grigg bid, you never fucking did? Eton mess, eventually confess, Donald gambles, utter shambles, selfie king, doesn’t mean a thing, tally ho, time to go……. piss take party stops here, oh dear oh dear, why lie – Sunderland Til I Die….. no fairy tale, tenure goes stale…. you say Alice in Wonderland…. I see Malice in Sunderland…. CHOOSE   SUNDERLAND 


And all because England couldn’t beat a group of Icelandic bus drivers? 

On the off chance anyone is still reading, the night 4 years ago was just a great night, a really great night – special memories for me as it was dads last trip to the Stadium. Here’s a report of the evening…..

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