4 days till Wembley

Just 4 days till Sunderland face Charlton at Wembley in the playoff final………it seems like ages since we started the season v Charlton.

Having been an absolute shitstorm of a club for the last few years ~ I think we’ve had a good, (albeit not great season).

We’ve obviously had too many draws.

For me…… having entered the season with trepidation ~ I have 3 times thought we’d got the job done……

A) Doncaster away, (bit too pissed to take photos); but play average and win with a clean sheet again ~ genuinely thought we’d kick on and win the league!

B) Win at Rochdale and Accrington post Wembley ~ job done as long as we beat Coventry…,,,,,

C) Beat Doncaster easily on Good Friday, win at Peterborough and it’s job done……..

Wembley ok ~ but not important!?
Accrington ~ The division matters not ~ this was a great night!

Rochdale ~ Been hard work… but should go up now?
Doncaster ~ best home performance of the season; as long as we win at Peterborough we’ll be fine…….

Automatic promotion wasn’t to be ~ although it feels like we’ve had our dip and hopefully we can get over the line on Sunday.

Pompey ~ job done. Still buzzing 5 days later!


For me, Jack has done really well. SAFC is a ship that hasn’t sailed on the calm for years. Jack is a good man who conducts himself great. Just a thought ….. but when was the last time we had a boss who didn’t fall out with one of our prominent players?

He’s obviously on a learning curve and probably got it wrong 2nd half at Wembley? 1st half of play off home tie was also a worry . But… we have a good man in charge. IN JACK WE TRUST 100%

So… 1 more game, (fixtures out in 3 weeks or so!?). We have undoubtedly had better technically gifted players in previous years ~ but O’Nien, Catts, Charlie, big Jon etc….. thanks ~ the connection is back.

Had another great season off the pitch as always…. missed trains, naked car journeys, mixing with locals, 6am beers, Jamie from Borehamwood going to every away game 👏, service station showers, kebabs all over the country etc. The 90 minutes is such a small part of it….. so thanks and 1 more game……

Great times with great people; first season without my beloved dad……

“It’s not the expectation….it’s the hope that hurts the most”



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