Tiers For Fears…….

“Everybody Wants To Rule The World?”…..not for me, I’ve got my hands full bumbling along as an average man, ruling the world sounds like a right ball-ache? World Domination aside, it would be absolutely mint to ….have an away day, have some train cans, bumble about some random L1 shithole… etc……..

Train Can Town 1 vs Stay Home Albion 0, (J. Smith, 22)
Bumbling About Rovers 1 vs Gardening Bell End AFC 0, (Foster, J, 65)
Spicy Minced Lamb Badgers 1 vs Deliveroo Dodgepots 0, (B Pitta, 12)

Shite Getting Shite-er….. it’ll end in Tiers?

SAFCBlog is built on positivity, realistically 2020 hasn’t been great? We had a chance of going up, but rather than play the games, the EFL decided it was fairer to not play the games?

SAFC now have COVID, we have called off our next 3 games and can’t train for 10 days…. imagine how the G Farce of Will and Danny will be after 10 days without shooting practice? Whilst we are one of the biggest clubs in the world, we are on a sabbatical in League 1….. our next 3 games are off, let’s say the same happens to 3 or 4 more teams? It would be a braver man than me to confidently say that this season is going to be played out? Still good to have games in hand? It’s served us well in the past??

The Nightmare Before Christmas

When Big Boris said we weren’t allowed to play Blackpool in March, I was ok with that, as I had a man delivering some gravel on the Saturday in question…. and I like a midweek game. Sadly….. this COVID shite got real? Watching Sunderland is mostly shite, watching Sunderland online is a bit worse, not being able to even watch online is not something I’m hugely positive about?

  • Tier 1 …. attend games, generally shite
  • Tier 2….. watch online, worse than Tier 1, due to not seeing mates etc
  • Tier 3….. not even a game to watch online, absolutely fucking shite…. “Walking round Manchester with a nail in your shoe 0 vs Pool party at Barrymores 0, (AET, Winton 🟥)

No games til 29th December when we play Accrington away, these are desperate times. 

“I’m not arguing with you Mariah, and yes they are a magnificent pair of knockers….. but …..all I really want for Christmas is to head up the A19….”



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