SAFCBlog – Time to take a break

Time to take a break

SAFCBlog Time To Take A Break

Writing a Football Blog……

Match Previews, Match Reviews, Player Ratings, Opposition Players to Watch etc ….. sadly there’s no football to write about. I don’t think this season will resume – I don’t see footie being back til November at the earliest, I’ve got a feeling it could well be January 2021 with a 23 game season, (ie play everyone once instead of twice?).

SAFC Blog time to take a break
Along with ‘Furlough’, we’ve all learnt some new words!

SAFC Blog writers block - time to take a break

‘Now I know how these boys felt?’

A lack of football……

This weeks football highlights…..

I enjoy writing about SAFC, a lack of football makes this a difficult task? The irony is, I’ve never had so much time on my hands – but the lack of footie has dried any thread of creative juices that may have been present. 

Time to take a break – when will I be back?

Not sure, just need some content! Got loads to write over the summer, but the reality is a lack of football and the insignificance of football in the bigger scheme of things, make writing a Football Blog pretty much impossible?

SAFC Blog Will Grigg at Fleetwood warming up
‘Feast to a Famine?’…. happens to the best of us!

Football will be back, SAFCBlog will be back before too long. STAY SAFE – STAY HOME – BE KIND – FTM

Time to take a break SAFC Blog

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